Thursday, August 6, 2015

July To-Do List Outcome

So let's see how I did with my To-Do list last month---


* Digitize financial household spending 2009-2015 Done!  Took me an entire day and a half but it's done.

* Back up household spending reports Done!  Once  I got them digitized backing them up on a flash drive(or two)wasn't so difficult.

* Have eye surgery Done!  So glad this is all over with!! I even finished up the eye drops this morning...woohoo!

* Go to 2 Follow-up appointments Done!  I have one more follow-up mid August and then this chapter of my life can be closed. rah.

* Go to sleep clinic appointment Done!  Nothing to this one, easy peazy.

* Go to VA to apartment hunt Done!  And that saga has already been posted on the blog.

* Bike 80 miles Done!  Even though I wasn't home to bike for 5 days in July I did an average of 3.36 miles per day for the other 26 days in the month.  My target was 3 miles per day this month.

87.50 miles for July

* Use Hand Weights 5 days Fail!  Didn't even look at the blasted things let alone pick them up.

* Pay the Bills Done!  Everything paid and on time or early.

* Take donation to SA Done!

The donation wasn't very large as I didn't get much decluttering done in July as I had wanted to.  We got it taken in the day before we left to go move Eldest son as we needed Hubs car trunk emptied.  Now there's motivation to finally get something done! lolz

* Hem a pair of pants Done!  Got Hubs new pair of pants hemmed.

* Sew nightgown Half Done!  While I DID sew on it in July it isn't finished yet.  Stays on the list and becomes "complete nightgown" for August.

* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them Fail!  Didn't even work on this at all.

* Write a letter Fail!  Now I have 2 letters to write.  Just not motivated enough I guess.

* Clean my Inbox Done(or maybe half done)!  I was up to 16 pages of unsorted/half-unread emails.  After using my delete key and throwing important emails into folders I am down to 6 pages in the inbox.  I could stand to whittle that down to 3 pages by the end of this week.

* Move #1 Son Done!  As of last Friday the move is completed.  Now we need to work on transitioning him off the car insurance policy onto his own(even though he pays for his portion, now that he lives in a different state, he needs a new VA policy).

I guess July turned out pretty well as far as getting things accomplished.
Only 3 fails this month.  Let's see if I can turn those 3 items around in August.

So what did you accomplish in July?
Anything you are proud of?



  1. So impressed by the dones. I am pretty sure not completing 3 tasks is an acceptable list loss.

    I spent most of July taking care of Mom's finances. Death is only convenient for the one who dies. It is kind of brutal on the survivor (and possibly more so on the daughters who have to "teach" Mom things she should have known all along. And now we are being "bossy" for trying to get her to try doing a few things by herself. Who knew using a credit card at a gas station could be so damn scary?)

    As the month progressed I would like to think we made some positive impact, but we are having to reassess and decide if we are truly helping or enabling more helplessness. It is a perfect Catch-22 and I don't know which end is up anymore.

    I just want to make my own list and be responsible for it.

    my friend kelly is an insurance agent in richmond; perhaps he can help your son get a good deal on insurance.

  3. 1) Went on vacation!
    2) Had dinner with Sluggy!
    3) Didn't quit my job!


    And yes, call Kelly! He will do you well!

    Peace <3

  4. I got through July without losing my marbles.

  5. Wow look at you go, good for you!

  6. You're doing great! I had TWO fails this week alone lol!


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