Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Good Week

Last week we had some good things happen around here.

* First the Daughter got approval for her MRI test from our insurance.  It took 1 request and 2 appeals to get them to pay for it.  She has chronic back issues and we finally got her to go to an orthopedist to get to the bottom of things.  I pray that nothing serious is found but if it is, then we can deal with it and finally get her healed.
We had thought we would have to pay out of pocket for this test ourselves but now we don't have to(other than any co-pays). 8-)

* On Thursday the second Amazon gift card arrives........

This was earned from staying at various Choice hotels this Spring/Summer.  If I have to stay in a motel I might as well get something for it, right?
The Amazon options were half the points of the other gift card options so I got double value.
I have almost enough points to cash out for another gift card and after we take out October trip with motel stay, that should earn me more than enough.

* I got an email that a check from Google was on the way for blogging revenue.  That's the third payment this year(well, the first one was actually earned the end of 2014).  It's a massive amount.....lololol....but at least it's something. ;-)

* Back in early June, before I filled the fridge with Kraft/Crack Barrel cheese bricks in the Weis Deal I bought some Weis branded cheese on sale.  Last week I went to take out of the fridge to open it to use and discovered that it was covered in mold....still sealed inside the package! lol  And the sell by date was the end of September.

So on Saturday it got carried back to Weis to complain and I got the cost back onto a gift card.....
* College Boy survived marching band camp last week and starts classes today.  He messaged me on F/B on Friday and told me that he won a scholarship from the fraternity he joined last semester.
Who knew his fraternity gave out academic scholarships?!?
Anyway he won it because he has the highest GPA of the members of his fraternity's chapter.
He still hasn't said how much it is but I am hoping it's at least enough to cover the ridiculous dues he has to pay to be in this thing! lolz

* And just because I am mean, here is a photo of my volunteer morning glory vines.

This one is for you Sonya Ann.  The poor woman can't purposely grow a morning glory to save her life evidently.....bwwaaahh!

So any good things going on in your life lately?



  1. Congratulations on your son's scholarship. I never knew frats gave them either, live and learn! Kind of cool to be the recipient of an unusual award though.

  2. Congratulations on the MRI, gift cards, the scholarship and getting back a Sonya Ann the best of all. Now email me at celtickin2@yahoo.com your address, phone again as sis and I want to see if we can swing up your way next week. When I washed my phone I lost your contact, damn. Can't wait to get out of dodge.

  3. upper or lower back? DD had back issues, but as the specialist explained, it was due to her rather large (clear throat) breasts. We still chuckle on his embarassment.

    1. The daughter is sorta flat chested so that's not it. lolz

      It's her lower back.

  4. I was so so happy for you until I read the end-PITA!
    Wonderful news about your daughter getting the MRI. That is a massive chunk saved. And hey, it looks like you are going to have quite a bit to put towards Christmas. So are you going to rub that in my face too?

  5. Nice to hear some good things are happening. Glad you got past your funk from a few posts back.

  6. I am glad the daughter's MRI will be covered. Hope the copays aren't as high as when I had MRIs done. I will not willing do that again. I hated it and had to pay a hefty copay.


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