Saturday, September 13, 2014

Updating My To-Do List

Here's what actually got done(or didn't) on the To-Do List for this Week--

*  Write 2 Letters  no
*  Clean out my bedroom closet  no
*  Go through my Christmas gift box(yes I just said CHRISTMAS!)  Done
*  Finish going through stuff in garage to put on eBay or send to Salvation Army  working on it
*  Pick out some fabrics to sew into clothes when I go through the tubs.  Done
*  Go through tubs of fabric and list on Etsy  One tub Done
*  Order photo prints from relatives Shutterfly account  no
*  Clean out kitchen island and organize  no
*  Reorganize tubs of fabric I am keeping(and will hopefully use) Done
*  Go through closet in purple room and de-clutter  Done
*  Finish grocery and drugstore shopping for the week  Done
*  Put up Giveaway on blog  Done

Well the weather was cooler so I can't use that as an excuse for not doing everything.  Rats!
How about I got a little blue last week and just sat on my big ass?
Works for me..... ;-)

I am just not inspired right now to do anything, especially outdoor projects.
The yard looks like crap, the garden has been a big fat load of nothing this year and we didn't get to one of our outdoor projects yet and now I need to do some canning so that project won't get "gotten to" before the weather goes to pot.  This means it will hang over my head until Spring....fantastic.....

It isn't helping my mood that it got COLD yesterday and I am freezing!
And it's raining today.
Maybe if the sun comes out tomorrow I'll feel a bit perkier.

Did you get anything of note accomplished this past week?
Tell us about it and cheer me up.



  1. WAIT! You have a purple room?

    I cannot remember as far as last week right now. Oh, I asked exbf on Thursday to get trash out of my car. When I drove it Friday, the floor on the passenger side of front seat was 6" deep. It was not that deep before, so I think he stirred it. I will have to speak more plainly.

    Fifty-miles south of me he says it has been overcast or raining. I have had nothing but sunshine and warm weather. It has not been inspiring at all.

    Hmmm, purple room and lime green chair seem to go together.

    1. yes, the Daughter's old room is purple.

  2. Hmmmm, accomplishments? Worked at ROSMY one night, led a meeting this morning for the ham radio fundraiser in February. That's it.

    Peace <3

  3. I know what the problem is. We keep adding to the lists. How about we don't add to them so once they are done, they are done.

  4. Does laundry count? And visiting with relatives? No, I didn't think so either.

  5. Well, I did finally get through a few boxes of things in my closet that I wanted to let go: a few books to Friends of the Library bookstore, some dead electronics to recycling, bag of things to take to the humane society tonight, bag of items to one sister and a few larger items to my other sister (comforter, bed desk, and others) and the rest to my mom's workshop in anticipation of a moving sale she is planning on having this fall. It felt so good to get rid of all those things!


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