Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Net Worth Quickie....September Update

Our net worth snapshot for Sept.1st finds us up $6498.63.
Not great but better than a poke in the eye.

I'm fighting the blues this week, which proves that money isn't everything.  8-P



  1. I am sorry you are down, I kinda am also, don't know why, just a little in a funk. Maybe you really miss that little boy of yours and it is okay. I was terribly depressed when my youngest one left. Now I am depressed when she returns......:)

  2. Maybe you need another road trip? I hope things look up for you.

  3. Did your daughter ever get her home

  4. The kids are gone...trips are done for now....its ok to feel blah...just dont embrace it. I cried like a wuss and T is a senior in college. Will let you know about fair since I think we are going up the 19th and staying til 20th


  5. Put a minus in front of that for me! HAHAHAHAHA
    Congrats, good work!

    Peace <3

  6. Sorry you've got the blues. I have had a rough week with my boss out of the office. I am SO glad it is almost the weekend.

  7. Okay, my comment just disappeared. I have never tried cream soda that I can remember. Since I was a little kid and got maybe half a six ounce coke every two weeks, I have bee a Coke drinker. Mt Dew and NuGrape are the only other things I ever drink.

    This past month, I have sort of kept up in my head. I believe I have spent about $80 on groceries. One week, I just bought milk and bananas and salad greens. When my salad greens get a bit slimy, the hens go crazy over it. yuck


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