Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Shopping

First off I stopped in at Rite-Aid before leaving the mountain to finish off the Kimberly-Clark Get $8 +Ups wyb $20 Deal.....

1 x Scott TP on sale=$7.74
I used a $1/1 Scott ManuQ(Sunday inserts).....$7.74-$1=$6.74
I used $6 in +Up Rewards and paid .74¢ OOP.
And I got the $8 +Up Reward.

Before this transaction this wellness card had 902 pts. on it so getting to 1000 pts. before 12/31 will be a snap......a snap I tell ya!  8-)

Next it was a trip to Target.
Yes, you heard that correctly, "I" went to Target of all places.
Let's just say that I NEVER go to Target!
Not after I had a dreadful experience there trying to use coupons in 2009 or so.

Well you could have knocked me over with an IPQ I was so shocked to have a very good experience this time.
The store has changed a bit and doesn't throw off the negative energy like it did before.
That and the shelves were not bare from other people running the deals and even though it was a Saturday afternoon the place wasn't uber crowded....not even a little crowded.
And the cashier was friendly and knew the coupon policy.
Oh my heart......

I may just add Target back into my shopping rotation of stores again.  I don't think the deals are as good as some other places usually and it requires me to go down into the city so I won't be going there much.
But it's back on the list.

Here are the deals I did there today--
I had a $5 gift card from a many years old deal I did there back in 2009.
I also had a $25 gift card that #2 Son gave me this Summer.

Transaction #1

2 x Playtex tampons on sale $6.99=$13.98
I got a $5 gift card back for buying this.

5 x Lysol toilet cleaner on sale $1.97=$9.85
I got a $5 gift card back for buying this.

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Playtex item IPQ(nla)=$6.00
1 x $1/2 Playtex items Target IPQ(on their website)=$1.00
2 x .50/2 Lysol Toilet Cleaner IPQ=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$8.00


I used the old $5 gift card making the total $10.83.
I used part of the $25 gift card to pay the balance of $11.01($10.83+.18¢ tax)
Zero OOP and 2 new $5 gift cards.

Transaction #2

2 x Playtex tampons on sale=$13.98
I got a $5 gift card for buying these items.

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Playtex items IPQ(it reset on coupons dotcom)=$6.00
1 x $1/2 Playtex items Target Q(website)=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$7.00

I used $5 gift card gotten for buying the first set of tampons(transaction #1).....$6.98-$5.00=$1.98+.11¢tax=$2.09 put on what was left on the $25 gift card so ZERO OOP again.
And I have another $5 gift card.

Going into the following transaction I had $10 in $5 gift cards left.

Transaction #3

6 x Starbucks bags of Coffee on sale $6.99=$41.94
I received 2 x $5 in gift cards for buying these items.

Coupons Used
1 x $4/2 Starbucks coffee items(nla)=$4.00
2 x $2/2 Starbucks coffee items(coupons dotcom)=$4.00
Coupon Total.....$8.00

I used the 2 x $5 gift cards......$33.94-$10.00=$23.94(no tax on food)
I used what was left on the $25 gift card($11.90)& paid $12.04 cash OOP.

And I have $10 in gift cards left.

After gift cards I got and coupons, the tampons were .99¢ a box, the toilet cleaner was .77¢ a bottle and the coffee was $3.99 a bag.
The tampons are for Daughter, the toilet cleaner for us and the coffee for Hubs so everything was needed and/or wanted and will get used.

Goods worth $91.75 reg. retail for $12.04 OOP and $10 in gift cards at Target.

We also picked up some clearance clothing(for Hubs and #2 Son)and 2 packages of no nitrites OM hot dogs on clearance for $3 a package so an additional $6 of the food budget did get spent as well.

Total all food & toiletries OOP today.....$18.78

Did you get any good deals at the stores this week?



  1. Do you have this figured out beforehand, or do you make these decisions once in the store? Or, do you go there with some coupons and look for specials?

    1. All written down and coupons in hand before I go. I try to stick to the plan whenever possible as I don't do well "on the fly". lol

    2. Thanks. I wondered. I might do that, but could not stand long enough to shop.

  2. If anyone goes to KMart, the one here has that $6.99 coffee for $3.50. Maybe they all reduced it at the same time.


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