Saturday, September 6, 2014

How Ever Will We Survive?

#2 Son has been gone 3 weeks now.

Guess how many loads of laundry I've done in the last 3 weeks?
Go on!

Ok, I'll tell y'all.
4 loads.
And no there is no mountain of dirty clothes in the house and I'm just being lazy and not doing laundry!!

Now guess how often the dryer has been going.
It use to be used at least once a day......if not to actually dry clothes, to fluff and warm #2 Son's clothes before he put them on.
The dryer has been used 4 dry the wet, washed clothes.

Now guess how much the window a/c's have been used?
I'd say a total of 3 hours in 3 weeks.

The dishwasher gets loaded and run and unloaded promptly and I don't' have to nag to get it done.
Because I just do it myself now or hand wash the dishes.
I think we've run the dishwasher 5 times in 3 weeks.

We only run the shower 2 x a day now(1 for me, 1 for Hubs), instead of 4 or 5 times because #2 Son isn't here taking his usual 2-3 showers per day.

The electric bill halfway through the billing cycle is $48 and change.  Last month was $112+.
The water bill doesn't come for another week or so but I am confident it will be under last month's $53+ bill.

The pantry is staying organized since no one is taking items out of the stockpile, changing their mind, and throwing them into the pantry in the kitchen.

And we are not paying up to $200 a month now for private flute lessons either.  We pay for lessons at school but that comes out of #2 Son's college funds, not our regular income like they did before.

I think we can get use to this......lolz

And what is #2 Son up to?
I have no clue really.

He doesn't communicate with us much.
And that's ok.  We never were helicopter parents. 
We talk when needed and we have confidence in #2 Son to do what he needs to do.
He knows our expectations and we give him a long lead.
Until he proves himself other than responsible.  ;-)

Mostly he doesn't communicate much because he has a pay-as-you-go phone which he pays for and I don't "text and he doesn't "talk".
Hubs does text with him now and again.  #2 Son is busy practicing he says.  Marching band, concert band, flute practicum, etc.

All I know is what he posts on FB.

So far he's gone rock climbing at KFC(this is NOT the chicken joint as I thought at first), had a jam session at "the Hut"(whatever/wherever that is)and he had a good time during Band Camp.
Here is a photo of him with his marching band "harem".....

There are no flutes in the college's marching band so all the flutist make up the Piccolo Section.
#2 Son is the only male in the section.
Oh, the poor, poor guy......*snort*

As for going to class, studying, and work, I have no clue what he is up to.

I got a call from the campus bookstore 2 weeks back because #2 Son only picked up half his book order.  There was a whole other stack reserved for him that he forgot to take.
I hope he has picked them up by now.....

No calls home that he is homesick(not like I was ever expecting that!lol) or in jail.
So far so good.

I think we could get use to this arrangement..... ;-)



  1. and you and the hubs have been keeping busy, I suppose? (snicker)

    1. Well I'd say keeping busy rather than "getting busy". The a/c isn't working so it's too hawt for getting busy. hehehe

  2. What a fun transition you're in - enjoy all of the changes!

  3. Oh, I admit it, I'm a helicopter parent. My bad. If I didn't hear from #1 (and only one) daughter once a day, I'd have a stroke from worry. Trying to let go, but she's still living with us so nothing to worry about just yet unless we leave her home alone for a couple of days. Hmmm.
    Glad you're enjoying using less resources! :-)

  4. you will see/learn the longer those kids are gone, the happier/richer/calmer your life will be.

  5. Well I'm glad to hear you're not pining away from grief lol! I think the LESS you dear from DS2 the better he's doing. If you were getting calls everyday then I'd start to worry!

  6. I am with Cindi. It is amazing how much money you get to keep when kids are not living at home anymore. And I still keep up with my kids on Facebook. If they don't post, I don't know what they are up to. I guess they are calling someone else for bail money. Ha!


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