Thursday, October 17, 2019

I'm Home & Exhausted

Give me today to recuperate and unpack the car before I start posting again.

I am home but feeling like a Mack truck ran me over after the stress and anxiety of yesterday.  Lots of driving in high traffic cities then a day spent driving through a Bomb Cyclone to get home.

Add in that Kim wore me out for 4 days, then spending 4 days with my brother and 3/4 of a day with my eldest son.
I haven't even unloaded the car yet.
Plus I need to shoot up today(Humira)....oh the fun never ends, does it? lolz

Back on Friday with the Frugal Report.



  1. Just being away from home for 8 3/4 days would wear me out.

  2. So my bad navigating wasn't the worst of it? Glad you are home safe.

  3. Hi. Glad you are back safe and sound! I have a question for you - Does Humira work for you. My son is 41 and has extreme arthritis and the doctor is starting it on him twice a month in 2 weeks. He is just getting over being sick so they have to wait two weeks. Just wondering if you have had luck with it. I know everyone is different but we have both read the side effects and he is concerned but the pain is so extreme in his lower legs and ankles he can barely walk most of the time. Arthritis runs in the family with my mom having two different kinds and me showing positive for it now too. They have it much worse than me. I just feel so bad for him at his age but if it might help I told him he would just have to be hyper aware of things like infections. Take care.

    1. Crystal, I am on Xeljanz and it is working great, Humira worked well for me also but I built up antibodies to it. I hope he gets some relief. T-biologics are the bomb.


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