Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Is Here!!!

How did I keep Halloween Trick or Treating frugal this year?

I bought bags of candy last Halloween and Christmas on clearance and threw it into the bottom of my chest freezer, digging it out a couple of days ago to thaw and be ready for tonight.
If you have spare real estate in a freezer for this sort of scheme(and the self-control NOT to raid the stash for your own eating)I'd suggest you hit the candy clearances after the Holiday and do likewise.

I'm off to set up the front porch to receive beggars this evening.

Here's a little mood music for the day.



  1. This one is easy--it would not last a year.

  2. Yeah-you have some great self control but more so to keep the other hands out of it is amazing.

  3. Put the candy at the bottom of the chest freezer and they won't find it because they wouldn't dig into it down there as it's too much work. Hehehe

  4. I would fail at hiding it from myself.


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