Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Half-Assed Post

The last couple of days have been trying.

First off I've been attempting to scoop up some deals so I have been out and about to lots of stores this week.
Hubs had his eye injection on Tuesday so I dropped him off and hit a nearby Aldi and then Maines Restaurant Supply store. 
Maines didn't have the two things I wanted the most--multicolor carrots in a 10 lb. bag and sweet potatoes.  Well they had the sweet potatoes but they were 99¢ a lb. and generally at this point in the year/season they are a lot cheaper there.  I ended up getting some bananas, fresh brussells sprouts and 10. lbs. of onions. $6.85 out the door.
At Aldi's I picked up 4.04 lbs. of chicken tenderloins for $6(discount sticker on the pack)so $1.49 per lb. plus a few odds and ends.....fresh mushrooms, hummus, pita chips, fancy pants cheese, half and half and a special Chocolate Cherry Chip Cake.  $25.70 total.
I also got a free quarter from a not corralled cart. ;-)

I hit Malacari's produce market on Wednesday(I think it was Wednesday?)for 2 types of lunch meat and 1 pack of sliced cheese, 10 lbs. of taters, marked down celery and cukes, a large head of cabbage, a watermelon, 2 roasted pepper cream cheese tubs, and 2 x 3 lb. packs of uncured bacon.

Remember these packs of bacon I got there for $5.99/3 lbs.?  Well evidently they still have a large amount to sell so now they are $3.99/3 lbs.  What an unbelievable price, right? $44.86 spent at Malacari's.

On Wednesday our hot water heater crapped out(after our microwave died while I was in OC).  There goes another $1100 we didn't expect to spend.   Thankfully we have $16+K in a Slush Fund still so that got paid for with cash.  ;-)

Wednesday Dixie went into heat too so we've been dealing with horny dogs. lolz  I'll be talking to the vet at Chester's appointment next week about getting him snipped soon.  Hubs is not feeling this breeding our doggies thing so I am throwing in that towel.

Now it's Thursday and Humira shot day today and now my joints are killing me.  They don't hurt as bad as the HS abscess in my breast though.  I think the stress of my OC trip brought on a flare(even good stress causes flares).  It's stopped draining and has now turned into an abscess.  An antibiotic will put that to rights once I get a hold of my doc.
The weather here keeps ping-ponging from cold to almost hot and my sinuses aren't feeling very well either(another side effect of Humira too).

So enough of my whining.  Just another sunny day in Sluggy's World.   Aren't you glad I shared this all?  *snort*



  1. Wow, that is a great deal on bacon. Sorry about the flare up. Great shopping deals.

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