Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Busy Today....No Time to Write

So this happened yesterday.........

Hubs and I took a drive to the farm stand/pick your own place yesterday.
We picked colorful bell type peppers(no green ones)....19.61 lbs. of them.
We also got half a dozen ears of corn and 2 large yellow squash.
Grand total of $18.50 of September's food budget.  (We also hit Aldi while we were near there and spent $32.70.)

So I've got to prep all these peppers today.  Some will go into Chicken Fajitas which I am making tonight for dinner.  The rest will get cut into strips or chunks and put into the freezer for this Winter's eating.

I've also have a large stock pot full of skinned tomatoes to boil down and can(plus any more tomatoes I pick out of the garden today).

But first it's off to Rite-Aid(Wellness Wednesday)and Weis(PMITA)Markets to see what deals I can find so I've got no time to write anything exciting today.
Aren't you sad? ;-)

What is everyone else up to today?



  1. Honey I knew you were just so busy. Come and can my tomatoes will you?

  2. I envy your picking and canning time. Maybe next year will work for me.

  3. It is such a busy time of year for everyone. You got a great deal on those peppers!

  4. Those are great to have for easy dinners.


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