Wednesday, May 15, 2019

CVS Trip

With a $3 ECB expiring(and another $5 to use)I traipsed up to CVS on Tuesday and brought home this........

2 x Kleenex 3 packs on sale=$8.98
1 x Dawn dish soap on sale=.99¢
1 x Reese's cups Easter candy clearance=$1.12

I had a $2/2 Scott/Cottonelle/Kleenex CVS digitalQ attached to my card to use and the kiosk printed me a .25¢/1 Dawn Q as well so $2.25 in Qs.
$11.09-$2.25=$8.84 + .04¢ sales tax=$8.88

I used $8 in ECBs($3 Beauty Club/$5 Maybelline)so paid .88¢ OOP on everything above.
I earned back a $5 ECB for buying the 2 Kleenex packs.

Well I have until 6/13 to use this one if something good comes up in the next month.

Ok, I am off to go get pounded in the ass at Weis Markets now and then home to try to start containing the mess going on around here.

What are you up to today?



  1. Great job. Hope everything goes OK at Weis.

  2. I bet my mess is better than your mess. I am tired of mess.

  3. Working 9 hours and still trying to squeeze in some excercise later. Then to start packing for a little weekend road trip we're planning :)

  4. good savings as always. Just read a book today, lazy day for me.

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