Tuesday, May 21, 2019

And So It Begins.....The Great Clean Out of 2019

The house is eerily quiet today.
No big neurotic dog and her owner.
No my big brother(he left yesterday).
Ex-College Boy started his new job yesterday afternoon(training stuff)and doesn't go back in until Thursday so he'll get up later today.

Tuesday, here is the plan for today(though some of it got done on Monday already).......

                 Not the mess in my house thankfully! lolz

* The garbage company picks up the second week of a massive amount of trash this morning. There were EIGHT black garbage bags of crap between Daughter's stuff and Ex-CB's garbage out there(not counting the broken furniture Daughter chucked out and our regular two garbage cans filled to the brim). ugh. CHECK

* Daughter's room is empty except for the furniture she left(some her's, some ours)and some belongings she is ditching.
On Monday I vacuumed the carpeting and emptied the canister FOUR times so far....this was after she vacuumed and emptied it SIX times before she left. 8-(  It has been mostly dog hair as far as I can tell.
Also on Monday I vacuumed the molding/trim at the floor and the edge of the carpeting on half the room(the other half is full of the furniture). CHECK

* All the boxes of stuff stored in her large closet were taken down Monday.  CHECK

* Today I will be going through every item in those boxes(did a bit of this already on Monday while I pondered what to do with it all). CHECK

* I'll empty other Rubbermaid tubs in the den and re-organize what gets saved into those today and continue to pitch out some of what was in those boxes. What was in the tubs(eBay stuff)will go into the now empty boxes as that eBay stuff will be gone this Fall(if not sold on eBay and/or locally, or donated if no one wants to buy it). CHECK

* Once Ex-CB is up and ready for the day he will help me wash down the walls in the bedroom and clean the ceiling fan/blades. CHECK

* Ex-CB will clean/wipe down the large desk and bookcase(plus the wall shelving in the room)his sister left him. CHECK

*  While Ex-CB is cleaning furniture/ceiling fan I'll put tubs/boxes back on the closet shelves. CHECK

Ex-CB will take all items to get rid of(whether disposing of or to be sold)downstairs into the living room/garage garbage cans. CHECK

*  I will shampoo the carpeting in half the room that is empty. CHECK

* While the carpet is drying I'll start in on their bathroom.  Daughter left half used toiletries/full toiletries under the bathroom sink and on the small bookcase for storage.  I'll also start in on the hallway closet where there are baskets of more opened toiletries plus unused toiletries shoved among the bed and bath linens.

* If I have the energy and time I'll start going through the bed/bath linens in the hall closet as well, to ditch what is worn out/no longer needed.

The above is certainly a full day+ of work right there.  Maybe I'll remember to take pictures today too. lolz

By the afternoon I'll be wiped out but at least the humidity is low today(no a/c up there yet).
If there is time after all this I'll go to Price Chopper in the late afternoon to buy lobsters for dinner.

So what are you up to today?



  1. You certainly have your work cut out for you! Tackling a variety of small projects today. Need a haircut, have a return at Kohl's, a few things from Wally World, clean/restock bathroom, pull some weeds from the side walkway and call my dad. Leftovers for dinner.

  2. You are going to be very busy. Don't overdo and hurt yourself. I am starting a new part time job today. Wish me luck.

  3. That is an awful lot of cleanup to do. When I first saw the photo, my mouth dropped open....LOL I would lift the carpet and put new in, if its that bad.......

  4. You scared me for just a moment with that picture! Happy purging! Getting rid of stuff is such a great feeling!

  5. Oh my your friend I want pictures. Don't over do and make your foot sore again. I wish I was there to help. It would be so much fun to poke fun at your boxes o' stuff. We could really laugh a lot.

  6. Sounds like a couple of days worth of work to me! At least there are 2 of you to try and accomplish it...what about wrangling your hubby in on the action?

  7. You have way more energy than I do. It'd take me a year to do all that!

  8. The photo brought me in....lol It reminds me of the hoarders tv show. I don't even know if that comes on tv now, but I used to love it. Good luck with your clean out!


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