Sunday, November 4, 2018

Weis Shopping Last Week........

I went to Weis on Wednesday before the sales ad changed so I could get a pork tenderloin for $1.47 lb.(great price here!).  I bought all this.......

5 x Borden shredded cheese on sale=$10($2 each wyb5)
2 x Capn Crunch cereal on sale=$3.14
2 x Quaker Oatmeal on sale=$3.14
1 x Trop. OJ on sale=$1.57
1 x Hatfield Pork Teriyaki Loin on sale=$6.00
2 x John F Martin Beef Franks on sale=$9.00
1 x whole Pork Tenderloin(9.13 lbs.)=$13.42
2 x Cape Cod chips on sale=$5.00 *not pictured
2 x Spring Mix Salad bags on sale=$5.00 *not pictured
2 x Smithfield fresh deli lunchmeat on sale=$6.00

Coupons Used
2 x $1.50/2 Borden cheese ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $1/2 Quaker Oatmeal items ManuQ=$1.00
2 x $2/1 Instant discount sticker on hot dogs=$4.00
1 x .50¢/1 Fresh Express storeQ=.50¢
1 x $1/1 instant discount sticker on 1 lunchmeat=$1.00
Coupon Total......$9.50

$52.77 OOP

I also earned back $7.60 in Ibotta rebates to put toward the grocery spending in Dec.

Then I went back on Friday(Fantastic and Freebie Friday)and bought all this......

1 x Weis Waffles the Friday Freebie=$0.00
1 x Argo cornstarch on sale=$1.
1 x Weis cornstarch=$1.31
4 x Weis eggs on sale .99¢=$3.96

1 x Scott TP FFriday Deal=$4.00
1 x Scott PTowels FFriday Deal=$4.00

They also had a bin full of Goya products for 50% off so I scarfed up a few of those.....

4 x Goya corn oil 50% off=$5.96
2 x Goya EVOO 50% off=$3.58
2 x Goya hot sauce 50% off=$1.88
2 x Goya Bouillon 50% off=$1.18
2 x Goya white beans 50% off=$1.98
2 x Goya pink beans 50% off=$1.58

I also got 2 bags of potatoes for $5.00 *not pictured*

Total before Qs was $36.44.
I had a $1/1 Scott tp Q and a $1/1 Scott paper towels Q plus a $2/2 Scott digital Q loaded to my loyalty card came off so the paper products cost me $2 each(!)and my total OOP was $32.44.

I got $1 cash back at Ibotta for buying the Scott tp and .25¢ for buying eggs so another $1.25 in rebates.

And I have $16.16 spent toward a Spend $25/Get $5 cash back on SavingStar for all that Goya.  If there is anything left when I go back to Weis this week I might get a bit more Goya.

Sometimes the Fantastic Friday Deals are worth going for and other times not.  This week it was worth the trip.



  1. None of the grocers in my town have amazing deals these. But it’s fun to read other people get them.
    I did OK at the commissary this week

  2. Wow ! I did not know they still made Captain Crunch !

  3. 1.47 for tenderloin is below the absolute lowest price I can get it. The Pig has it a couple of times a year for 1.50, but that is generally a 1 day sale. I would have stocked up (If they let you. Here they will only let you grab 2)


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