Saturday, November 3, 2018

Rite-Aid This Week.........

I had a Save $8 wyspend $50 in one transaction Catalina that expired on Saturday so I did a little Rite-Aid shopping on Wednesday.........

9 x Pantene shampoos/conditioners on sale but Wellness disc. was less $3.99 each=$35.91
2 x Olay body wash on sale=$10.98
2 x Secret deodorant BOGO50%=$9.73

Coupons Used
1 x $8 wyspend $50 CatalinaQ=$8.00
2 x $5/3 Pantene ManuQ=$10.00
1 x $5/3 Pantene L2CQ=$5.00
2 x $1/1 Olay body Wash ManuQ=$2.00
2 x $1/1 Secret deodorant ManuQ=$2.00
Coupon Total......$27.00

But then a $1/1 Secret L2CQ also came off so $28.00 in Qs off.

$56.62-$28.00=$28.62+$1.68 tax=$30.30 paid for with Bonus Cash.
I earned back $16 in new BC($10 wyspend $30 select P&G, $6 wyspend $20 select P&G).

I earned $36.62 toward the "Spend $50 on select P & G beauty products-Venus/Secret/Pantene/Olay/Ivory/Safeguard, Get a $15 prepaid Visa card.  If I can figure out a way to get to $50(after Qs used)cheaply I'll "buy" more stuff and send for that Deal.

I also earned $46.89 toward a R-A Deal(spend $50 on select "beauty" products, Get $10 R-A gift card).

So I went back to R-A on Friday and bought this.........

1 x Tresemme hair mister on clearance for $3.49.
I used a L2CQ for $2/1 hair mist and paid $1.58 w/tax using Bonus Cash.
That put me over $50 and I earned this on my receipt...........

Cashed it in for a $10 Rite-Aid gift card.

Total BC spent was $31.88, total earned back $16 BC plus a $10 R-A gift card so "spend down" was  $5.88.



  1. Amazing, I feel like I always get burned, but I don't know the system like you. A girl can only dream!

  2. You are the Queen of RA! I have so much personal care stuff that was bought on deals, that I don't have to buy any for years.

  3. Awesome Sluggy! Thanks for sharing. I changed my scenario to partly match yours, but my OOP was way higher. I think I have enough (or at least I'm close to $50) for the PG deal. I have to check my receipt.

    Where do you find the PG rebate? I only have a link for Home field advantage that's Spend $30 get $10 visa.

    1. Just remember that P&G deducts any coupons used from your $50 total in their fine print.

    2. Yes, thanks. I hated how they started doing that. Their rebates used to be calculated on the price before coupons. However, I have enough to submit for this rebate. My RA total was $47.xx (after coupons) and I also bought a Venus razor at WAGs earlier last week.

  4. Not to worry. I found the rebate in PG insert. Thanks

  5. Great deal, Sluggy! I got a bunch of those rebates too as we had multiple copies of the P&G coupons.


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