Friday, November 9, 2018

Rite-Aid Pillaging This Week

I went to Rite-Aid on Sunday and bought this on Daughter's card...........

2 x Suave shampoo on sale=$5.00
I used a $3/2 Suave L2CQ so paid $2.00 in Bonus Cash for it.
I earned back $2 back in new BC.
besides the $3/2 Suave L2CQ came another $1/1 Suave L2CQ came off as well so I paid $1.06(w/sales tax)in BC and earned back $2 in BC.

Then I bought this on my card on Tuesday when I went to pick-up some Rxs.....

1 x Robitussin on sale=$5.99
2 x R/S candies on sale=$1.00

I used a $3/1 Robitussin IPQ so paid $3.99 in Bonus Cash.
I earned back $1 in new BC(wyb2 Russell Stover candies).
I also earned a $3 cash rebates on SavingStar for buying the Robitussin so converted $3 of BC to cash on that card.

On Wellness Wednesday I bought this.........

The single sample pack of Tena undies was free on the Wellness table as well as a small tube of Advil which is not in the photo.

1 x Tena undies pack on sale=$11.99
1 x Unstoppables on sale=$3.99
1 x large bottle of arthritis strength acetaminophen 20% Wellness disc.=$11.99
1 x Alka-Seltzer sleep gummies 20% Wellness disc.=$7.99
1 x Lipton tea bags 20% Wellness disc.=$3.59
1 x Lipton decaf tea bags 20% Wellness disc.=$3.83
2 x Russell Stover sugar-free candies 20% Wellness disc.=$4.46
1 x Dove derma soap on clearance=$2.14
4 x Boost drinks BOGO50%=$29.96

Coupons Used(remember that you can load WWQs onto your L2C account AND use the paper WWQs too and that WWQs can be stacked with reg. ManQ and IPQs)

1 x $8 wyspend $40 CatalinaQ=$8.00
1 x $5/1 Tena WWQ=$5.00
1 x $5/1 Tena WWL2CQ=$5.00
1 x $3/1 Tena ManQ=$3.00
1 x $2/1 Unstoppables CatQ=$2.00
1 x $5/1 R-A arthritis acetaminophen WWQ=$5.00
1 x $5/1 R-A arthritis acetaminophen WWL2CQ=$5.00
1 x $4/1 Alka-Seltzer gummies WWQ=$4.00
1 x $4/1 Alka-Seltzer gummies WWL2CQ=$4.00
1 x $1/1 Ala-Seltzer gummies ManuQ=$1.00
2 x $2/1 Lipton WWQ=$4.00
1 x $2/1 Lipton WWL2CQ=$2.00
2 x $1.50/1 RS sugar-free candies WWQ=$3.00
1 x $1.50/1 RS sugar-free candies WWL2CQ=$1.50
1 x $2/1 Dove derma series item L2CQ=$2.00
2 x $2/1 Boost IPQ=$4.00
Coupon Total..........$58.50

$79.94-$58.50=$21.44 + .14¢ tax=$21.58 paid for with BC.
I earned back $10 in new BC(for buying 4 Boost)and the Dove counted toward a $3 Dove BC Deal and the $10 R-A gift card Deal.
Ex-CB will reimburse me $21.58 for the Boost drinks so everything else is free to me.

After stacked Qs the Tena was -$1.01, the Unstoppables was .99¢ the acetaminophen bottle was $1.99, the A-S gummies were -$1.01 the 2 boxes of tea bags were $1.42, the RS sugar-free candies were -.04¢ and the Dove was 14¢.  Applying the overage of $2.06 above and the $8 wys $40 to the Boost brought that down to $15.90.
My sister in-law will take the Tena undies and the rest will get used here.

Not a bad trip. ;-)


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