Saturday, November 3, 2018

Price Chopper Shopping

I hit Price Chopper this week for a little grocery shopping.
They had some good in-ad coupons and a special on mushrooms(which hardly ever go on sale here at a good price).

Before I bought anything I purchased $50 in select gift cards to earn a $10 OYNO Catalina.
But I didn't see the Catalina print so I went to the customer service desk and they gave me a $10 PC gift card.
I then went and bought the groceries......

I had planned to get 2 x the 24 oz. mushroom packs for $3.99 but they had older 12 oz. packs marked with $1.50 instant discount stickers so I bought 2 of those and it was $2.98 for both after the discount(so cheaper than the larger sale priced packs).  I only used those two packs on a dinner this past week and will do something this coming week w/the rest of the mushrooms.

The 2 x OJ had $1 off instant stickers on them so were $2 each after sale and stickers.

The whole roasting chickens were a Q item and was .59¢ per lb.

The 2L of soda was another Q item deal and was .49¢.

The pineapple juice was reg. price but I used a .75¢/1 ManuQ that doubled to $1.50 off so that was .89¢.

The Kind bars were $1.99 each and I earned a $2 rebate so both cost me $1.98 after that.

The Fiber One bars were a Q item deal(1 for. .99¢ w/Q)so $2.98 for both(second one was $1.99).  I used a .50¢/2 ManuQ(which doubled to $1 off)so both were a total of $1.98).

The chobani flips were another Q item deal(buy 10, use Q and pay .79¢ each)so $7.90 for 10.
I used 2 x $1/4 Chobani items ManuQ and also used the 2 PC Doubler Qs on those ManuQs so it took $4 off the yogurts, meaning I paid $3.90 for all 10 yogurts or .39¢ each.

I also bought 2 x Panko house brand containers, a bag of grapes and a 6 pack of Snapples for the Daughter.

I used the $10 PC gift card and paid $27.80 OOP.
Not bad.

Then when I got home I found this in the bag with the gift cards.........

Oops!   I guess the $10 Catalina did print out after all but the cashier jammed it into the bag so fast I missed it.


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