Thursday, November 15, 2018

My Better Than FREE Target Trip This Week

So they had the "Spend $50 on Food/Beverages, Get a Free $10 Target gift card" this week.
I ordered 2 x $50 Target gift cards from our credit card points(better deal than using points to pay the c/c bill)a couple of weeks back as I knew it was about time for this Target Deal to appear.

Made a list, added some Ibotta rebates to my phone, clipped a coupon or five and headed out on Tuesday with Hubs.
Here is what I got *not everything is pictured*........

2 x Lavazza coffee 35% off=$12.08
2 x Quaker pumpkin oatmeal packs 25% off=$4.58 used a $1/2 ManuQ=$3.58
1 x Blue Tortilla chips=$2.59
1 x Cape Cod chips 20% off=$2.29
3 x LaCroix sparkling water packs on sale=$9.99 *not pictured*
4 x Pepsi 12 packs B3G1Free=$10.00 *not pictured*
1 x Readypack Salad=$.84 *not pictured* had $1 coupon on it
1 x Readypack Salad=$.84 *not pictured* had $2 coupon on it
1 x 1.5 lbs. ground beef w/discount sticker=$4.19 had $3 off coupon on it
4 x sour cream 5% off=$3.22(only 3 pictured)
2 x cream cheese=$3.32
2 x Kraft shredded cheese=$5.00
SubTotal......$57.94 + $1.04 tax=$58.98 Total

Their receipts are always so wonky this is the best I can figure....the Total is correct however.
I spent $58.98 of my free Target gift card, received a new $10 Target gift card for spending over $50 on food/beverages.
I also earned $6.25 cash back on Ibotta($3 La Croix, $1.50 Kraft, $1 Philly, .75¢ Cape Cod)and $2 on SavingStar(Lavazza).
Spent $58.98 of free gift cards, earned $10 in more gift cards and got $8.25 back in cash.

An explanation of why I bought what I bought....
*Hubs needed coffee
*We eat alot of oatmeal in the cold weather.
*Chips needed for Holiday snacks.
* Soda/Sparkling water drank by Me, Daughter, Ex-CB and for guests
*We needed salad greens this week
*I never turn down inexpensive meat(ground beef-half will become meatballs/half taco meat)
*The people here go through a ridiculous amount of sour cream(lots of Mexican dishes)
*Need cream cheese for Holiday baking
*Can always use cheese(see Mexican dishes comment above)

I love doing this shop at Target with free money once or twice a year.  8-)



  1. Wow, such great deals, Sluggy. I love the fact that you got the Target gift cards with your cc rewards points.

    We go thru a ridiculous amount of sour cream here too due to Mexican dishes. What can I say? We love Mexican food. LOL

  2. I was able to find good advice from your blog articles.

  3. I just love Target. We don't have one here and when I get to one I don't buy much but I love to walk through them and see what they have.

  4. Deals, deals, deals! I go through more sour cream than I ever have thanks to Keto.

  5. I try and coordinate our shampoo, women's' items, paper products etc. with the freebie gift cards. That's the best I can do with my limited time devoted to deal making, but my favorite way to rack up some savings towards the holidays.


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