Thursday, November 8, 2018

Grocery Shopping Exploits This Week

On Tuesday after voting Hubs and I went down to Aldi to pick up a few things we needed plus we found a couple of Christmas items.  I picked those up too as I wasn't sure whether I would get back to Aldi before Christmas...........

2 bags of flour for $1.15 ea.
2 cans of cranberry "glop" for .89¢ ea.
4 cans of evap. milk for .59¢ ea.
1 pie crust rolls for $1.39
All of the above is for Thanksgiving

1 box cornstarch for .89¢ *not pictured*
1 bag cole slaw mix for $1.29 *not pictured*
6 bananas for $1.04 *not pictured*
1 bag of "Doritos" for Ex-CB .99¢ *not pictured*
4 cans refried beans for .75¢ ea.
1 bag of harvest bagels for $1.99
1 bag of chocolate croissants for $2.99(a treat)
1 container of chicken salad for $2.99(a treat)

And 5 items for Christmas--
2 packs of Bourbon Sweet Potato Ravioli for $2.99 ea.
1 Cranberry/White Cheddar Cheese round for $3.99
2 Stollen(1 Butter Almond/1 Cherry)Cake for $4.99 ea.(love this!)

And here was the deal of the day at Aldi's......

80/20 Ground Beef patties for $1.33 lb!!!  Each package was just over 1.5 lbs. and $4 off, which made them $1.33+/- lb.  I wish I had more room in the freezer for more than the 3 packages I bought.  We've eaten 5 of the patties already and the other 7 are wrapped well and resting in the freezer as I type.  ;-)

We spent $50.54 Total at Aldi.
Only $23.76 of that was Not Holiday spending(Turkey Day/Xmas).
Reg. retail at other grocery stores here would run upwards of $89 for all this.

The Aldi's had just reopened after being remodeled and I'll tell you it's a much nicer store now.  They expanded a bit and the lighting is much better(as is the floor plan).  The produce prices seem lower as well.

And don't look KIM, I hit the mother lode of abandoned change there.........

I went to get a cart and put a quarter in and some guy started waving and yelling at me, pushing his cart back to the corral.  He handed me his cart and I tried to give him a quarter(since I'd get "his" quarter back when I was done with the cart)and he just walked away, so I made a quarter. lolz
Then I looked down under the carts in the corral and saw a plethora of pennies scattered there.
It was pouring down rain but do you think I stooped over and picked up every penny I could reach?.....of course I did! lololz
Then when we were done and I returned my cart and retrieved my quarter from it there were more carts gone and I could reach the last few pennies that were under the row of carts.  I am .46¢ richer after that Aldi's visit!

We hit the Dollar Tree next door for 4 packages of boxed potatoes, $4 spent OOP.

Then we hit that town's Ollies(Good Stuff Cheap!)that had all that 75% clearance food a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a few more items.......

I picked up just a few more items.........
2 MH coffee drinks
3 Avelina oatmeal
2 Jello puddings
1 Pillsbury frosting(cinnamon)
All 75% off=$2.70
The almond flavoring was $1.99(reg. Ollie's price).
So $4.69 OOP for everything above.

After my dr. appointment on Wednesday I went back to Price Chopper to use that $10 OYNO Catalina.........

The weekly flyer from the Sunday paper had a lot of coupons if you spent $15 on non coupon stuff---
1 x King Arthur flour for $1.99
2 x Domino sugar for .99¢(1 was .99¢/1 was $1.99 but I stacked a $1/2 Domino ManuQ so the second sugar was .99¢ as well)
1 x 18 ct. eggs for .99¢
1 x lb. of butter for $1.99
1 x PC brand choc. chips for .99¢
2 x Wesson oil for $1.77 ea.

I also found 2 x ZClif bars in a clearance bin for $1.79 ea.
Also bought but not pictured was a 12-pack of Snapple teas for Daughter and 3 boxes of Count Chocula//FrankenBerry cereal on clearance for $1 each for Ex-College Boy. ;-)

Here are the things I bought so my total before the special Q items was over $15.......

1 x Hatfield Black Forest dinner ham on sale for $7.19 and I had a $1.50/1 Q so $5.69.
2 x Hatfield chorizo loose pork on sale for $2.39 ea.
2 x Hatfield Pork Loins(Texas bbq flavor)on sale for $4.79 ea. and I had 2 x $1/1 Qs so $3.79 ea.
5 x Hatfield bacon packs on sale for $2.99 ea.
All the meat was $33.00 after sales/coupons.

But even better there are Ibotta cash rebates on the loose pork, tenderloin and bacon right now($1 on the loose and bacon, $2 on the tenderloins)
There was also a $1 ZClif bars rebate too.
I ended up earning back $15.50 in Ibotta rebates on this purchase($11 on meat items, $2 on Zbars, $2 Mid-Week Bonus and .50¢ November Level 1 Bonus).

$47.54 OOP after Qs and the $10 Cat and I got back $15.50 in rebates.
I'll take it! 8-)))

Then I hit Rite-Aid since it was Wellness Wednesday but that's another post for later.
I was so tired by then I never even got to Weis(PMITA)Markets before this week's sales ended.
Bu that's ok as they didn't have much I wanted in that ad.

I am over $100 spent for the week but that's aok as I picked up some Turkey Day and Xmas needs/wants too.



  1. I'm keeping my eye open for good priced beef to cook then slice for beef sandwiches for Christmas. I decided the 5# trays, while tasty, are just to expensive and I a paying too much for the au jus. Great prices on baking supplies. I am in a baking mood today, though am out of nutmeg I just realized.

  2. I am going to have to run to Aldi before Wednesday. They have their semi annual butter sale. I usually buy about 20 pounds for the freezer to use throughout the year.


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