Thursday, November 22, 2018

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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I went back through my photo files this morning to find some turkey shots.............

This was from a visit to Fry Brothers Turkey Ranch where we stopped for lunch after picking up Ex-College Boy from school a couple of years back.

And I found this shot...........

From Thanksgiving 2014....we got 8 inches for Turkey Day that year.  Even so the almost foot we got a week BEFORE Thanksgiving last week is still lingering this morning.

I've got the turkey in the oven, the roll dough is rising and I am about to head out the door to(where else?)Rite-Aid to get my freebies.....well maybe not the ear buds because I still have a few pairs of those from previous years.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day.  If you have to be around aggravating just have a drink like me and chill.  ;-)

I'll close with this bit I posted back in 2016........

"Before you dig into your "unzip the pants meal" today, take a moment to acknowledge everything in your world that you have been blessed with, whatever that may be.

Myself I'll be thankful for---
* my level of health given my medical issues and for the resources and medical folks who keep me going.
* my awesome kids though one is far from home today.
* my spouse who puts up with me and loves me.
* that we live below our means which means we can be a financial blessing to ourselves, our family, our friends and our country.
* this blogging platform and all you dear readers out there that has enriched my life.

Now make sure you hug everybody you see today(that's where that drink comes in handy lolz(......
Ok, maybe not that creepy guy in line at the grocery store if you have to run out for emergency supplies this morning. ;-)"



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sluggy. I am truly blessed as well and so love and appreciate the blogging community I've met.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Kermie is so cute!

  3. What a sweet blog post, Sluggy. I love the Kermit photo too.

  4. Hey I may be the creepy lady, you know the one that picks up change outside of restaurant windows.


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