Friday, November 9, 2018

Frugal Friday......the November 9th Edition

Let's take a look at what went on here at Chez Sluggy last week that was frugal..........

* Last Friday's Weis freebie was procured....

Just the frozen waffles in the left of this photo, not everything pictured. lolz

*  All this Rite-Aid shopping was free.  No cash spent OOP AND any Bonus Cash spent was earned back in new BC(or converted to cash through rebates).........a post to follow on what I got at R-A this week. ;-)

* I found money!

Between the pennies on the ground and the guy at Aldi who didn't want my quarter when he gave me his cart I found 46¢ there.

I don't know who it was but someone left .85¢ in my car(prolly Ex-CB or Hubs-I never leave change in my car).  Any $$ found in there, as well as in the washer or dryer, is MINE! lolz

*  Discount sticker meat at Aldi's made it $1.33 a lb!

*  All this for $4.69 at Ollie's(all but 1 item was 75% off!)....

*  The weather warmed up a bit this past week so I could turn the heat off for a couple of days.
No heat, no a/c is a win no matter how long I can get away with it.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?



  1. Okay I am really going to beat your butt. I actually gasped when I saw the money.

  2. Staying out of the stores helped a lot! Today I need to venture out but will earn a $25 coupon to use in-store for filling a new Rx. Combine that with $10 I have in Rx rewards, the $35 (plus a few other coupons) should cover most of what I need for groceries.

  3. Any money found in the washer or dryer is Laundry Tax and I keep that!

    Just the typical frugal stuff here-used odds and ends to make soup, freebies from the Freeosk at walmart. Got some free chicken tenders from chickfila. Found a dime at Target. Nothing exciting :)

    1. I know "some people" who would have gotten VERY excited about finding a dime! ;-)


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