Thursday, September 6, 2018

Weis & Other Grocery Shopping This Week

I made three smallish trips to Weis this week.  Here are the highlights.......

I did the Mix and Match/Buy 6, Get $3 Off instantly Deal......
3 x ginormous Dawn dish soap=$15.00
2 x Tide laundry detergent=$11.98
1 x Tide pods detergent=$5.99
Came to $32.97
I used $10.50 in Qs plus the Instant $3 off=$13.50 off so $19.47+ tax for the above.

I have never seen such large bottles of Dawn before(I don't do Costco or Sam's Club, etc. but they might have them there.)!

I got this stuff last Friday, the Friday Freebie and I went ahead and bought the Gain dish soap then because if I waited until this week it would have all been gone(even though it was Aug. 31 I am counting it on September's budget.......

The pierogies were free.
The dish soap was on sale $2 and I had coupons which doubled to $1 so $1 each bottle out the door.

Then this week here are some good deals I got at Weis before the sales week ended.....

* The Planters Peanuts were on sale $1.99 per jar when you bought 2.  I have $2/2 ManuQs so .99¢ a jar OOP.
* The Snapples "Straight Up" teas were $1 when you bought 5.  I had 2 $1/5 Snapple hangtagQs so $8 for 10 bottles.  Then I submitted for 2 x .75/2 Snapple Ibotta rebates($1.50 total)making it $6.50 for 10.
* The Hellman's was on sale $2.88 a jar.  I had a $1/1 Weis Q so $4.76.  Then I got back $3 on Ibotta(2 x $1.50 Hellman's mayo)making these .88¢ a jar OOP.
* The Heinz mayo was on sale $3.99 and the Heinz ketchup was $2.49(after a Buy 6/Get $3 Off Deal)so $6.48 for both.  I got back $4.50 for buying both of these in a single transaction at Ibotta making them .99¢ each OOP.
* The Puffs tissue was $1 on sale and I had .25¢ ManuQs that doubled to .50¢ plus a third Weis Puffs digitalQ that doubled so $1.50 off my $2 worth of Puffs making them .25¢ per box.
* 8 boxes of Keebler crackers on sale for $1.88 each=$15.04.  I had 4 x $1/2 ManuQs(3 for Townhouse/1 for Club)so $11.04 for 8 boxes of crackers.  These Ritz type crackers are Ex.College Boy's favorite and he has been known to go through a box at a sitting(with cheese).  At $1.38 a box after sale/Q I will buy them to stockpile for the Holidays coming up and HOPE some last that long. lolz
* Palmolive dish soap was $2 on sale at Weis.  I paired $1/2 ManuQs and bought 4 bottles for $6 or $1.50 for each large bottle.  Between the massive sized Dawn, the Big Gain and these bad boys we should be good on dish soap for some time to come.  ;-)

I also picked up 3 cartons of MM OJ for $1.87 each, some Instant Discount Sticker-ed meats at Weis.....2 packs of BSCthighs, some Spiced Apple sausages and some Italian Sausages, a Purdue roaster with a $3 off sticker, 8 pork chops that came out to $1.07 lb. after discount sticker,  as well as $4.99 steaks on sale.

I spent $134.82 at Weis this week. Yikes!  But we won't be needing quite a few things for the rest of the year(here's hoping).

There was also a Spend $75/Get $15 Off Q for the restaurant supply store this past Labor Day weekend.  We went over there on Monday morning and got........

* 10 lb. bag of onions
* 5 lb. block of Cooper cheese
* 2 x 1K pack of napkins
* 7 ears of local corn
* 3 large cukes
* 1.06 lb. mushrooms
* 4.55 lbs. local peaches
* a case of paper plates
* a dough scraper
* a heavy duty box grater(mine broke)
Total was $64.19.  Take out the scraper and grater costs(not part of the food budget)and we spent $54.65 of the Sept. food budget and brought home over $100 worth of food/paper products.

I am about shopped out(except for Rite-Aid.....I am always up for going there and bringing home almost free stuff.)  8-)))

I really need to stock take and reorganize some things out in the stockpile now.  That's going on my To-Do List as soon as the temperatures cool off and I can stand to be out there for awhile.



  1. Wow, you did great. You are well stocked up for a while.

  2. You can definitely wash dishes for a while! I have a Dawn in a huge gallon jug from Dollar General. It is shocking to see it on my shelf.


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