Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Weis Deals Lately

I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Friday to get the Freebie.
Since I was there might as well take advantage of a few other deals.

Weis has returned to the 1 Day Friday Deals as of last Friday.....they use to do a 2 or 3 Day over the weekend Sale but stopped during this Summer.  I am glad to see them reinstitute this Sale if for only 1 Day.

There were 2 $1/2 Cereal digital coupons.  One was for Honey Bunches of Oats varieties, which is what my Daughter wanted me to get her.  The other Q was for a few different sugary cereals which ECB will eat.lolz
One Day sale price was $1.50 per box so $1 per box after the Qs.

The Ragu sauces were 3 for $4 and included the new Ragu "Simply" sauces.  I had $3 worth of Q for this stuff which doubled fully so $6 in Qs off 6 jars.  $8 for 6 jars-$6 in Qs=$2 for 6 jars or .33¢ per jar.  Can't get much lower than that outside of free!  One of the few meals Hubs will cook is pasta but he won't/can't make pasta sauce so I like to have these jars of sauce here. ;-)

They also had Dole jarred fruits BOGOFree.  I love mandarin oranges but not from metal cans(they take on a metallic taste)so I always look for deals on these in plastic or glass containers.  $2.99 per jar and BOGOFree meant $1.49 each so I picked up 4 even though I didn't have any Qs for it.

The San Giorgio and Ronzoni boxed pastas are .67¢ per box this week so I grabbed 2 boxes-one of cavatappi corkscrews for mac and cheese and one of orzo for the coming soup season.

$9.32 for everything pictures above after sale and Qs.

Weis also have some good meat deals on Friday...........

Twin packs of Whole Roaster Chickens for .78¢ lb.  I bought 1 pack.
And twin packs of London Broils for $1.98 lb.  Haven't seen a price that low on LB in a few years here.

The LBs have been repackaged and 3 put into the freezer.  Once I make a roaster this week the other chicken will get repacked and put into the freezer as well.

I also bought a piece of pork belly for 50% off w/an instant discount sticker on it and shredded cheese 8 oz. bags were BOGOFree plus I had a .75¢ WeisQ so $1.83 for a lb. of cheddar cheese.
$44.52 all in and a savings of 62% over reg. retail price.

Only a couple more things to pick up at Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday before the sale week ends....some Celentano frozen pasta(BOGO and I have 2 x $1/1 Qs and a $1/1 SavingStar offer), a Pillsbury Offer(Buy 5/Get $3 Back-items are $2 each this week and I have 2 Qs that will stack so $2 off plus a $1 Saving* offer so 5 will cost me $4), and some Hormel chili(I think EXCB bathes in this stuff!lol)in a Spend $20/Get $5 Off offer if I can scrounge 5 Qs up for that stuff).

That's all I'm up to at Weis until the new sales cycle begins on Thursday.



  1. Those were some super deals. I don't like one brand of mandarins in a can. The other brand is okay, but, like you, I prefer it from a jar.

  2. I got LB on sale at the beginning of the summer for $1.99 a pound. I bought a bunch and we have been enjoying them all summer long. I haven't seen that price since last summer. It is usually $2.99.
    I just got lots of goodies on the marked down racks at Stop & Shop. Love when that happens. The shelf has been pretty bare most of the summer. They had shopping carts full today.

  3. Great meat prices. What will you do with the pork belly?

    1. Not sure yet Sandie. Maybe as seasoning in greens or other fresh veggies like we do down South. I just thought it was interesting(don't see it often in the grocery stores here)and at $3 worth picking up for later use.


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