Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Interesting Article on Genealogy/DNA

I saw this article and found it interesting enough to share here.


Seems mathematically that everyone alive is related to every one else at some level.
See?  Me being related to friends/practically all the people I know is NOT so bizarre and out of the question. lolz

As the guy says in the article,"Charlemagne for Everyone!"

Supposedly from the research I have done the closest I have come to being descended from Charlemagne is that he is the 34th x Great Grandfather of the Husband of my 1st Cousin 8 x removed(Susannah Stith-c.1752 to 1802).

I have found my link to William the Conqueror(28th Great Grandfather-c.1028 to 1087)and a famous Viking named
Rollo or Rollon or Ganger-HrÓlf(33rd Great Grandfather-c.860 to c.930 ad)Spelling depends on which language you take his name from.

I guess it makes senses now that I take such a thrill from pillaging's in my genes!  8-)))



  1. So, pillaging is in your DNA? Makes sense.

  2. The article to which you referred us was very interesting. Plus, that referred other articles. Lots of reading but welcomed.

  3. If you can get back to Charlemagne you can get back to Adam.

  4. Does anyone know where Debbie at "My attempts at frugal living" has disappeared to. The last post that I see is from March. Thanks, Penny S.

  5. Shooting at Rite Aid, people killed...whew, a differnt state and a distribution center. But, I was concerned for you for a few seconds. They shot her because of her pillaging?


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