Friday, July 6, 2018

Frugal Friday.....July 6th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this week........

*  I had Hubs pick up the Weis Friday Freebies last Friday...........

A free box of Saltines.  Come Winter and we are in the throes of Winter and soup weather, these will come in handy.

*  Hubs and I hit the Bread Ouutlet since we were down to our last half loaf.....

4 loaves of bread, 2 packages of rolls, 1 package of English muffins, 2 boxes of chocolate donuts and for spending over $10, we also got a free box of donuts....woohoo! lolz

*  Lots of stuff for free from Rite-Aid which I posted about already this week....

*  The Weis gas points expired on July 4th so Hubs and Ex-College Boy took both cars up and filled them up on the 3rd.

Only saved .30¢ per gallon but still, $4.82 saved is $4.82 saved. ;-)

*  While on FB Wednesday evening I saw a Q for free Heinz mayo pop up on my feed so I printed 2 of those coupons off.

When at Weis on Thursday I picked up better than free mayo.......

It was on sale for $3.99 this week but the cashier put in the full value of the Q($4.50)so I got paid $1.02 in other groceries to bring these home. ;-)
Then I got another .50¢ in cash rebates on Ibotta for buying these.  Sweet!

While at Weis I also picked up these for the kids at their request...

DD creamers are $2.99 this week at Weis.  I earned $2.25 in cash rebates(.75¢ per bottle)at Ibotta for this purchase so they cost $2.24 each after that.

I also found a pack of thick pork chops with a $3 off sticker plus these are BOGOFree this week so I picked up another similar pork chop pack.  I paid $3.30 for 2.12 lbs. of chops.
Then these value packs of bacon had .50¢ discount stickers on them, making them $2.77 each.  $3 is my buy price currently for bacon so I bought 4 packs.

I also did the Mix and Match buy 6 Items/Get $6 Off.......

2 x 8 pack Gatorade for ex-College Boy on sale=$10.00
2 x Breyer's ice cream on sale=$5.98
1 x Ben and Jerry's slices on sale=$3.99
1 x Hanover frozen veg on sale=$1.99

Coupons Used
1 x $1/2 Gatorade 8 packs HangtagQ=$1.00
1 x $2/1 BandJ slices IPQ=$2.00
Coupon Total....$3.00

$21.96-$3-$6 Offer=$12.96 for all 6 items
Not a bad price and then at the register this Catalina printed off......

$1 off my next order for buying 2 Breyer's ice cream.
I have a feeling I'll be going back to Weis this week for more ice cream.  ;-)

Hubs went out to buy a back-up filled propane tank for the grill this week.  I gave him $29 in Home Despot gift cards to use toward that so it only cost us $22.99 OOP.
Good thing he bought one because the current tank ran out of fuel right in the middle of cooking during the 4th..

That's about all I have for this week.
What frugal wins did you have this past week?

As always, heed the words of the "Most Interesting Man in the World"..........



  1. I hate when we run low on bread!!
    How have you been woman??!! Is retirement all it's cracked up to?

  2. They had beef short ribs on sale today, so I picked up a pack. Right now they are in the crock pot using the leftover honey garlic BBQ sauce I made last weekend. Not much else on sale. I had gotten some meats just before the 4th, so I am pretty much good to go for the rest of the month. Just will need eggs, milk and maybe cereal.

  3. Great deals this week, Sluggy. Crackers is a nice freebie to have. We need to get to the bread outlet this week as we are running low too.

  4. I love that Dunkin extra extra creamer. It is my all time fave!

    Being too tired/hot/busy to go out is my frugality this week. Lol. I'm a boring person these days

  5. Your deal-working is amazing!


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