Friday, May 11, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the May 11th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this past week...........

* Forgot to put my Bread Outlet trip in last week's edition, so here it is now..........

$7 for 2 loaves of bread, 12 pack hamburger rolls and 2 boxes of Entenmann's black doughnuts(stop drooling Sonya Ann!lol).
Reg. retail on all this is in the neighborhood of $21. ick.

*  I got the Weis(PMITA)Markets Friday Freebie last week........

A free toothbrush

*  I also got this stuff last Friday at Weis..........

Tostitos were BOGOFree.  College Boy goes through these quickly so I got 8 bags(You'll notice one is already missing!lol).  I'll hide some in my walk-in closet and dole them out slowly so we don't run out and I have to pay full price for them.

*  Last Saturday out we stopped at a pizza place I had a gift certificate for and used it........

Dinner that night cost $7 after using the cert.

*  I got the $10 rebate for buying the Nasacort items on Wellness Wednesday last week...

It showed up on Thursday in my Paypal account.

*  I found money!


*  In an effort to simply our finaces/banking I have decided to close out our credit union account in another month or so.  We have money in an online bank, the credit union and a local regional bank which has a branch in our town.  We pulled out of all national banks that took TARP funds back in 2008(I'm looking at you Wells Fargo!)and opened this credit union account.

The credit union, while a good idea, hasn't worked out too well-their hours suck(or lack thereof), they make us deposit checks into the savings portion and then move that money into checking after a hold period(it's not like we don't have ample funds to cover any checks written without that money!), then change my online access to the account on a whim and make me jump through hoops I shouldn't have to, the tellers are very unfriendly, and they just are very rinky dink(don't ask what that means, it's just bad).

So we'll be expanding our presence at the local regional bank which I've had a personal account with since we moved here in 2000.

So I ordered new checks at the bank two weeks ago as I am almost out.  Because of the type of account we have there, the checks are still free...woohoo!  The checks arrived this week.

* I received $3 this week on Ibotta and .50¢ last week(which I forgot to mention).  I'm up to $41.35 on that platform in cash rebates for 2018.

*  I put stuff up on the F/B yard sale site and sold some shampoo.......

$18 in my pocket for stuff I got for free at Rite-Aid.
No bites on the diapers yet......sometimes people are so flaky!!

There is a definite form you need to follow on this sales have to post "interested" and then you contact the seller via pm to arrange the details of the sale.  I constantly get folks pm'ing me and not posting on the sales ad first.  Why can't people follow freaking directions!!!
And then you get the assholes who can't read or see the items and ask you, "How many do you have?" or "How much for X?"  And then there are the ones who want it for nothing asking me if I'll take lower than $1.50 a bottle for high end shampoos like Nexxus and L'Oreal.
Seriously?  $1.50 is too much for you?  Just go away........lolz
Rant over.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?



  1. By going to local hospital four days/times for tests, I saved the cost of valet parking that I would have paid had I gone to hospital in Birmingham. These were just for tests, so not like I was going to be treated there. I saved almost $40 that way.

  2. Well, being that I am house-sitting this week, my food budget was very little. But my big savings is laundry soap. I found a bottle on clearance and other items. Will be posting about it later.

  3. We love Entemann's donuts. They would be gone in a day. I was so sad when they closed their factory on LI. We used to go to their outlets all the time on Wednesdays. Everything was $1.

  4. Wow, we are lucky with our credit union - we don't have any of those issues - that is really frustrating!!! I found a dime on the ground....I can put that toward our food budget which we went over on ONLY by about $200.......Sam's is evil.....

  5. Kohls was my best frugal win. $35.45 for nine clothing items. Per my receipt, I saved $218.56...although who in their right mind would ever pay Kohls "regular" price?

  6. I love your comment on hiding the tostitos. DH can go through potato chips that quickly and he should not be eating them at all.

  7. I don't like the credit union here because there is only one branch in town, so the line to get thru the drive thru is a mile long. LOL I had two free birthday dinners this week, so that weas pretty frugal. LOL SOunds like you had a good, frugal week too. $1.50 for high end shampoo is great, but for some reason people want you to give them things for nothing. Ugh, makes me mad and reminds me of the flea market.

  8. You will enjoy those free checks. I love getting them because of our account at our local credit union. You had a great shopping week.

  9. I want donuts now, thanks for that....


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