Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This Week's Weis(PMITA)Markets Trip(s)

So I went on Tuesday to do my shopping at Weis this week, on Senior Citizens Day.  When Hubs turned 60 a few weeks ago we both went up to the grocery store so they could attach the Senior Discount onto our loyalty card.  I had visions of lots of good buys in my head due to the touted 10% discount for the old folks if you shopped on Tuesday.  Turns out I was mislead.....the 10% off is only on Weis branded products.  You know....the stuff that there is never a coupon for. lolz
Oh well.....

There wasn't much I planned to pick up this week, a few odds and ends.
Once I got in the store I found a few deals..........

They had fryer chickens packaged up in half sections and these had $1 off instant discount stickers on them, which made them cheaper than buying a whole chicken(.63¢ lb. vs. .98¢ on sale)so I bought 2 halves and I'll scotch tape my bird together. lolz

Weis also has advertised that this coming 3 Day Deal includes leftover St. Pat's day stock of Corned Beef briskets for $2 lb. but they had the briskets out and marked down already on Tuesday so I went ahead and got three.

I had to really hunt among the packages to find a few that weren't mostly juices.  I was not about to pay $2 lb. for juice!

I found this container of 16 mini croissants on the 50% Bakery rack for $3.

And I but this Mix and Match Deal together on the fly in the store.
I had 2 x Coffeemate Qs(which doubled to $1.50 each).
I got 2 bags of salad mix, 2 Coffeemate creamers and 2 jars of Kraft mayo.  After sale, Qs and $3 Mix and Match discount all 6 items came to $11.94 or $1.99 per item.  I also got $1.70 Ibotta for the mayo so $10.24 for all 6 items.
I also bought some Weis brand chili(extra .15¢ off a can for buying it on Tuesday)to try to see if Hubs likes it.  Hormel gets pricey if it's not on sale/don't have Qs for it and College Boy has been nocturnally eating all the chili in the house.  I told Hubs he needs to start putting notes of foods he wants to consume like I do so the kids don't take it first. ;-)

I also picked up 2 bags of 8 o'clock coffee as it's BOGOF at Weis until Wednesday night and I had 2 x $1/1 IPQs, making it $1.74 a bag after sale/Qs.

But here's my best find on Tuesday..........

Weis was getting rid of all the leftover Passover foods and I snagged this 5 lb. box of matzos(imported from Jerusalem...Ooo!)for a quarter.  Who do you think I am that I'd leave this on the shelf for a quarter?!? lololz
Regularly it goes for $9.99.

Besides grinding them up to make Matzoh balls for chicken soup I've got to get creative finding a way to use these up but Google is my friend and I've already found a few ways to incorporate matozh into some dishes.  8-)))
Let me know if you have any good uses for matzoh.
There is always PBJ on matzoh......I'd be more than happy to use them up that way as a good PBJ cracker every now and again hits the spot. ;-)

All totaled I spent $56.02 on Tuesday at Weis with the additions of the Gatorades I got CB, some lunch meat, 2 cans of chili a bottle of mustard and a bag of grapes.

So I saw a $1.50/1 Q for 8 o'clock coffee up on Coupons dotcom this morning and printed it off x 6 times(2 x via 3 different computers here)before the prints run out. 
I wanted to hit a different Rite-Aid this week to use the Rimmel face item Qs I have(my Rite-Aid doesn't carry any face products, just the eye products)so I hiked up to the town NW of us to hit the Weis too(as they have a wider variety of 8 o'clock coffee than my Weis does and they are always out of College Boy's favorite variety.

Here's the small shop I did this morning.........

I found assorted meats with discount stickers on them--the top Cab Round Roast was $7.81($2.88 lb), the Jimmy Dean hot sausage was $2.50, the Bob Evans links was $2, the Jimmy Dean turkey sausage was $2.50 and the Coleman uncured bacon was $1.50 after $2 off sticker stacked with a $1.50/1 IPQ I had(woot!).  I picked up the OJ to make sure we didn't run out before I got around to doing a bigger shop(or a name brand went on a good sale)and I used all 6 8 o'clock coffee Qs and got 6 more bags of College Boy's preferred variety and those cost me $1.24 a bag after sale and Qs.  Sweet.
A pack of 50% bakery muffins rounded out this shop for $31.26.

I believe I am done food shopping for the month now and I do believe I stayed under $400 for April(with $30 or so to spare).  I 'll get around to posting the end of the month grocery tally sometime this weekend.



  1. I know you can beat a quarter for matzos, but your coffee deal was stellar too!

  2. You got some great deals. That is very cheap for the coffee. I love discounted meat. I got some this week too. Here are my finds:

  3. Wow, some really great deals especially the 25¢ matzo crackers, I would have bought that too!


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