Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wellness Wednesday Afterall

I got to work on the tub of goodies for giveaways.
Here is everything in the Rubbermaid tub and in the grocery tote bag laid out on the table....

And here is some of the candy.........

I've got 7 boxes put together and filled them up with goodies already so we are good to go through August now for giveaways.  8-))

About noon Wednesday Hubs went out to commence the shoveling and the snow had turned over to ice and rain and by 1 pm it was all rain.  Generally where we live if the weather folks say, "higher elevations will see snow and not sleet", that's what happens.  We are colder in the higher elevation here but this time the temp climbed over 32F here so we got rain, turning the roads to slush.

So Hubs drove me up to Rite-Aid during this short window of opportunity above freezing and I got my stuff and we scooted home.
Well I got my goodies after the pharmacist found the Wellness Wednesday stuff in a locked cabinet. 

The Wellness Ambassador person who handles WW stuff didn't come in today as she has a small child and all the schools were closed yesterday.  And of course the assistant manager who was there didn't know where the stuff was kept(heck he didn't even realize it was WW!lol).  Luckily the pharmacist having no customers basically(did I mention I was the only customer in the store while I was there?)so she had a few minutes to hunt down the Qs.  I would have been so disappointed if I had gone up there in this weather and couldn't buy anything.

Here is what I got..........

4 x Centrum vitamins=$39.96
4 x Neutrogena concealer makeup=$25.64
4 x Arm and Hammer detergent=$7.96 *not pictured*
4 x Ricola cough drops=$8.00
2 x R/S candy chocolate hearts=$1
2 x Thermacare back patches=$12.14

Coupons Used
4 x $4/1 Centrum WWQ=$16.00
2 x $3/1 Centrum IPQ=$6.00
2 x $2/1 Centrum IPQ=$4.00
4 x $5/1 Neutrogena make-up WWQ=$20.00
4 x $1/1 Arm and Hammer detergent IPQ=$4.00
2 x $1/2 Ricola ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $1/2 R/S candy hearts L2CQ=$1.00
2 x $3/1 Thermacare IPQ=$6.00
2 x $2/1 Thermacare In-AdQ=$4.00
A $2/1 Thermacare L2CQ also came off=$2.00
Coupon Total.......$65.00

I also had a $3/WYS $15 CatalinaQ but the new inexperienced cashier scanned it after giving my Wellness account and scanning all the other Qs so it didn't come off(my total by then was too low because $28 in Bonus Cash came off automatically when the Wellness card got scanned).  As long as I have Bonus Cash on a card I'll never get to use one of these $3/$15 Catalinas. sigh.

$28 in BC came off(the $20 I wanted to use plus another $8 BC)and I paid the rest, $1.70, with a Rite-Aid gift card(I couldn't use PPs because the balance was under $2).

The first 4 items in my transaction all counted toward the Spend $40/Get $15 Back in Bonus Cash Deal and totaled $81.56 before Qs, so I earned back 2 x $15 in new Bonus Cash on those.

Two of the Centrums were $2.99 and two were $3.99 after stacked Qs.
The Neutrogena items were $1.41 each after WWQs.
The Arm and Hammer detergents were .99¢ each after Qs.
The Ricola bags were $1.50 each after Qs.
The Russel/Stover chocolate hearts were free after L2CQ.
The 2 Thermacare items .14¢ after Qs but I also earned $4.50 in SavingStar on two different rebates for Thermacare(yesterday was the last day to earn one of them).

I also earned a $3 SavingStar rebate on one of the Centrum purchases, so $7.50 total in SavingStar rebates on yesterday's transaction.

Used $28 in BC, put $1.70 on a gift card.
Earned back $30 in new BC and $7.50 in cash rebates.
A pretty good trip to Rite-Aid.  8-))



  1. I am dizzy now and you are still the Queen!

  2. You must have a will of steel to have that many candy bars and save them for months! Does your family know they exist?


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