Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wellness Wednesday #2 for February

I am feeling under the weather(Wednesday's post went live quite late yesterday evening)but still found the strength to hit Rite-Aid on Wednesday since they seem to be doing the Wellness Wednesday one-day coupons deal every Wednesday in February.

I am just combining everything bought on various cards/accounts and transactions into one.  The trip was messy and being not quite right in the head yesterday(don't even say it Kim!)I am not going to even try to lay it all out in a methodical way.

Also bought but not pictured were 3 x 12-packs of Coke.  They were 2/$6 and I had a R-A mailed Q for $1.50 off 3 so bought those too 3 packs for $7.50 total.  I just don't feel like hauling them out of the garage for a photo.

1 x Emergen-C packets
3 x Head and Shoulders shampoo
1 x Kleenex facial tissue
1 x Irish Spring body wash
1 x R-A brand diced tomatoes
8 x Russell Stover sugar-free candy
6 x R-A brand nightlight bulbs
6 x Oreo candy bars

Some things worked as planned and others didn't.
I spent $19 in various Bonus Cash, $2.99 on my R-A gift card and $4.92 in Plenti Points(finally! I got to use PPs!!!).
I earned back $15 in new Bonus Cash.

What worked.....
* A Deal this week is R-A light bulbs-they are BOGOFree and you get back $2 in BC for purchasing one(limit of 2 Deals so 2 packs of bulbs per card/account).  The nightlight size bulk packs are reg. $3.49, buy two, pay $3.49, get back $4 in BC so a .51¢ moneymaker when you buy 2 packs.

* The Oreo candy bars are 2 for $1 this week and give back $1 in BC, so straight up free with your card/account.  If you clipped the Load2Card for $1 off wyb2 Oreo bars awhile back this was a $1 moneymaker so even sweeter!....See what I did there?  ;-)

* The Russell Stover sugar-free chocolates were a WW deal.  They are on sale this week 2 for $3.  There was a WW Q for $2 off 1 bag, so a $1 moneymaker if you purchased something else with this candy the extra $1 off applied to the other item(s)in your order.

What didn't work.......
*  The Head and Shoulders on WW there was a $2 off 1 Q and I had $2/1 Load2CardQ attached to each Wellness card.  Take the $7.49 reg. price in my store, discount the 20% Wellness Gold discount and it's $5.99 a bottle.  Take the $4 total of the 2 Qs that stacked and each bottle comes out to $1.99 per.
Except for one of my bottles on one of my cards, the L2CQ didn't come off so I paid $3.99 for it.
This bottle will be going back to the store shortly.

*  Also I had paired a $1/1 Kleneex WWQ with another L2CQ for .50¢ additional off of it.  $2.69 reg. price-20% Wellness discount=$2.15-$1.50 stacked Qs=.65¢ OOP.  Except the L2CQ didn't come off so it was $1.15.  That's more than I like to pay for facial tissue so that will be going back as well.

I'm not sure if they will refund BC, PPs or Cash but there will be $5.21 back in some form of payment.

The Irish Spring is on sale for $3.99 this week.  There is a $2/1 Q in the ad plus there are both ManuQ and IPQ available for $1/1 so this is 99¢ after sale/stacked Qs.
The Emergen-C was a WW deal.  $5.03 after 20% Wellness discount.  There was a $1.50/1 WWQ and I had a $2/1 L2CQ so $3.50 off=$1.53 a package.
The diced tomatoes was an impulse buy.  Reg. $1.29, $1.03 w/20% Wellness discount and had a .50¢ instant discount sticker so .53¢ for the can.

I had wanted to stock up on cases of H2O(Buy 8 for $20, use 4 x $1/2 IPQs, pay $16 in BC or PPs and get back $5 in new BC)but my store had 1 case of water.
* Insert "Wha Whaaaa" sound effect here.*

Ok, I am heading off to bed now.  I just got back from taking College Boy to the Urgent Care.  It's confirmed he has the flu and I ain't feeling so great myself either.
I'll be back online when I feel better.



  1. Hi Sluggy this is Chris. Feel better. <3

    1. Thanks Chris. I think mine is sinus not flu and CB seems to be rallying.

  2. Just wondering about the R/A brand night light bulbs. Do they seem to "last" a while for you? We burn three night lights around our house and the bulbs seem to be not lasting as long as they use to. I usually buy the GE brand bulbs and think that it might be time to change brands. So sorry that the flu bug has hit at your home. Wishing you all a fast recovery. Penny S.

    1. Penny, I have never used the R-A brand nighlight bulbs before. I figure if they are free worth the try, right? ;-)

  3. Great deals! Thanks for the night light tip.

    I'm sorry to hear you're ill. Hope you and College Boy feel better soon.

  4. Sluggy, If your son has the flu and you are feeling poorly get to the dr. and get some Tamiflu. This flu is nasty ~ I was down for 2 weeks and had a headache for a 3rd week. Even the dr. said "This is serious sh*t." Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks but I think mine is just sinus infection at this point so I'll get some antibiotics in due time. CB is on tamiflu and it seems to be helping him.


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