Thursday, June 1, 2017

Weis & Rite-Aid Deals I Couldn't Resist

I went up to Weis(PMITA)Markets earlier this week and found a great deal on Italian Ice, Turkey, Chicken and Fish.....

These 1 lb. bags of breaded fish fillets were BOGO this week(reg. price $6.99 each)
Each bag has a $3 Instant Discount Sticker on them.
$6.99 for 2-$6 in Instant Discounts=.99¢ for 2 lbs of fish.
I bought 4 bags.

Then I found a 1 lb. package of Ground Turkey on sale for $3.50 with a $2 Instant Discount Sticker on it so $1.50 after sale/discount sticker.

Also not in the picture was a 10 piece package of Chicken Thighs marked $5.48 with a $3 Instant Discount Sticker on it so $2.48 OOP.

Luigi's Italian Ice was BOGO this week as well.  I stacked 2 x .50¢/1 IPQs(doubled to $1 each)+ a $1/2 Weis Booklet Q so .39¢ total OOP for both boxes.

I went back on Wednesday and found more 1 lb. bags of fish fillets(still BOGO and w/$3 off Stickers on them)so I bought 4 more bags.
I also got 2 Whole Chickens marked down and with $3 Instant Stickers on them which brought the cost to .72¢ per lb.
yay me.....

There were a few other things I picked up.....
Produce(red pepper, cuke, grape tomatoes)on sale.
I found 2 x Weis Organic baby lettuce containers 50% off + I had a $1/2 Weis booklet Q so $2.50 for both.
A loaf of Pumpernickel bread at the Bakery for 50% off($1.49).
3 bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's teriyaki marinade were Buy 1 Get 2 Free($2.99 total).
And Weis brand Mayo was .99¢ a jar so 2 of those made it into my cart.
I also used a rain check for huge Lipton iced tea bottles paired with a coupon making them $1.47 each and I picked up a tray of porterhouse steaks at $5.88 lb.
Total spent was $50.19 and I used that Kohl's reward Visa card to pay(so Zero OOP) on Wednesday.

I netted a 63% savings rate for that trip.

Then I went up to Rite-Aid and bought a boat load of cold cereal.........

If Ibotta hadn't yanked the $3.20 in cash rebates I should have gotten from this lot off their site between Tuesday night when I selected them and Wednesday morning when I bought all this my OOP per box would have been .17¢ after sale/Qs/rebate.
But without that I ended up spending down $5.27 in Plenti Points on 11 boxes of cereal and each cost me .48¢ per container.  Still a great deal.
Since the Ibotta rebates were brand specific I may go exchange some of this for other varieties that are part of the sale.  All but the Raisin Bran are for the kids and I think they'd rather have more Pops and less Loops and Jacks. ;-)

Trident gum varieties are also on clearance at my Rite-Aid for .64¢ each so I printed off 2 x $1.59/3 SmartSource IPQs which made them .11¢ each.  I used Plenti Points to pay for these too.

That's .66¢ spent in total in PPs for 6 packages and another Christmas item tucked away for December.



  1. Great...had a day planned to stay home but now, THANKS TO YOU, I have to drive the 12 miles to Rite Aid to look for gum. I may as well get a free razor and some Raisin Bran while I am there. I have Mq, but no IPQ's, and I can't bother with Ibotta. (Don't really enjoy things digital.) So much for my day at home. Gee, thanks.
    Kidding aside, welcome home, and have a great summer.

    1. You are welcomed Meg! **teehee**
      Just trying to share the love.....

      At smartsource dotcom there should be a Trident Q.
      I don't like apps and the such(and I don't have a smartphone)either.

  2. Good deals on cereal I will go and do that one also. Most of this will go to the food bank, but I will save a little for the grandkids ( okay me)

  3. Wow, such great deals! The fish and cereal were especially good deals. Way to go. :)

  4. With school out end of next week, your cereal stash would be such a help in my house. Loads of bowls will be downed here for breakfast, lunch, and snacks by daughter and friends. Great buy on the fish.

  5. Great deals! Makes me miss all the deal shopping I used to do! (we now live very remote with limited stores)


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