Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grocery Shopping This Week.....Weis, Surplus Outlet & Bread Outlet

Here are the best deals this past grocery shopping week.

Since we were in that town to take Hubs out for Father's Day last weekend, we hit the  Amish owned Surplus Outlet.
You never know what you are going to find and what price you will find something at.  Most of the items are dented or damaged packaging and out of the "use by" dates so you have to check each item carefully. That being said, I have never had to throw anything I bought there out due to it being spoiled.
Here is what I picked up last week there.....

Ken's Greek and Caesar salad dressing for .20¢ a bottle.
Panko crumbs for .50¢ a box.
Stove Top for .50¢ a box.
Velveeta Skillet dinners for $1.19 a box.
Jiffy corn bread mix for 3/$1.

The Skillet dinners are for College Boy to take back to school.  As he will be in an apartment with a kitchen this is something he just needs to add ground beef to, to have something approaching a home cooked meal. lol

College Boy's favorite flavor of coffee for $1.99 bag.
Massive jar of Spanish olives for $2.49(ShopRite brand).
No Sugar Added Vlasic B&B pickles for $1.29 a jar.
Contadina pizza sauce for .39¢ a can.
Massive bag of raisin bran for $2.99(Malt O'Meal brand $2 cheaper than Walmart price).
I love those no sugar added sweet pickles but the only place around here I can get them is at a Weis South of here(where I don't go very often).....and NEVER for $1.29 a jar!(At least $2.19 a jar at that Weis on sale.)  Needless to say I bought all that no added sugar variety they had on the shelf. 8-)

Bottles of Heinz caramelized onion & bacon flavor Ketchup for .50¢
Sometimes you can find different flavors of staple items if they are new, change packaging or are not popular with the grocery shopping general public.
I'll probably end up shipping these off with College Boy back to school in August as this is something he will love.  8-)

I also got a 42 oz. bag of frozen Hanover brand cauliflower, 3 large Enchilda TV Dinners, milk, 67 oz. jar of Prego sauce, flour, 2 jars of mandarin oranges, Totinos pizza rolls, Mtn. Dew, Little Debbie cakes, crispy M&M's(previous 4 things for CB), large jar of mustard seeds, Hubs got 3 packs of gum, and the family bought assorted lunch meats and cheese(about 2 lb. total)for sandwiches.

$70.82 OOP for all.
Loosely figured reg. retail would have been $136.20.

Then I did a Weis(PMITA)Markets shop on Wednesday.......

T-Bone Steaks for $5.98 lb.
3 lbs. of Smoke Sausage $8-$3 off Instant Discount Sticker
2 packages of Beef Sausage on sale $2.50-$1/1 IPQ
2 packages of Scrapple $3.49-$2 off Instant Discount Stickers
1 fresh made Mashed Potatoes $2.99-$2 off Instant Discount Sticker
2 bags of 8 oz. shredded Mozz. Cheese on sale $1.77 each.

8 boxes of GM cereals on sale $1.97(must buy at least 3)- .50¢/1 IPQs for each box that doubled to $1 off=.97¢ per box.
Again the Lucky Charms will go back to college with CB.

I also found this clearance Deal on large boxes of Kleenex facial tissues with the lotion in them.
Reg. $2.79 for half price of $1.39.  I used a .75¢/3 IPQ that doubled to $1 so these were $1.06 each.
I'll go back Friday evening to pick up 3 or 6 more if there are any left as CB goes through these lotion ones in the Winter at a rapid clip.

I also picked up some boxes of dried pasta for .67¢ each.  A good stock-up price but I don't need that much as I already have a good quantity and we've been eating less pasta lately.  But I did need some for my killer Macaroni Salad as it is Summer now. ;-)
I picked up this Lysol bathroom cleaner for CB too, on sale and using a doubled Q it was $1.50.
The clear bottle is a Weis brand daily shower spray which was $1.67 on sale.  I'll park that in the kids' bathroom and see if I can get them to spritz the shower/tub after using it so the cleaning of said shower/tub isn't such a chore(which they have to do, not me).  8-)

Rounding out this trip was a bag of salad mix(50% off sticker plus used a .50¢/1 Weis Q so $1.24 OOP), a box of mini croissants for 50% off, 2 boxes of dog biscuits for 50% off on clearance and a watermelon on sale.

$61.84 OOP
$126.27 reg. retail and a savings rate of 51%.

I also hit the Bread/Bakery Outlet again this month as College Boy is on a grilled cheese binge and between CB, Hubs and Daughter making lunch time sandwiches, bread is disappearing at an alarming rate in the house!  $11 OOP spent on 5 packages of assorted types of rolls/buns, 4 loaves of bread and 2 boxes of chocolate donut holes.  All this would have cost me $40.80, or a bit less if on sale, at the grocery store so I am good with paying $11 or $1 per item at the Bread Outlet.
Have I ever mentioned how much I "heart" my Bread Outlet? 8-)))

So with my Rite-Aid trip this is all the grocery/drug store/outlet shopping that's gone on around Chez Sluggy.
Almost at month's end and I've busted my $260 food budget.  Still under $400 though so it's all good.



  1. How much do your watermelons go for? Do they sell per item or per pound? When we got back from holidays I bought a huge one for $5 on sale and then saw ones the next day for $9 for a smaller size (I would never buy watermelon at that price). Just curious

    1. My buy price on watermelon is $4 or less. Whole melons go by piece but they do sell it cut up by the lb. too.
      I did spend $9 on a watermelon in LA at a farm market once....didn't even get a taste of that one. lolz

  2. I think your saving rates are phenomenal. Since I can no longer carry a watermelon in the house or handle it at all, I buy the chunks already cut that morning. That is between $3 and $4, but cheaper than having a watermelon go to waste. I don't do that often.

  3. Heinz caramelized onion & bacon flavor Ketchup - oh the pain. How does it taste?

  4. We have Amish run salvage stores in NE Ohio too.

  5. You are amazing. But caramelized onion ketchup, I love caramelized onions, but not ketchup so much. I don't know. Maybe?


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