Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Presidential Post

It all began with finding out I am related to Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson our 3rd President.

First I found that my 7 x Great Grandmother, Mary Hunt married as her third husband, Field Jefferson, who was Thomas Jefferson's uncle.  So my 7 x GGrandmother was Thomas Jefferson's Aunt.

In addition, Thomas Jefferson is my 5th cousin 9 x removed through his mother Jane Randolph. I share ancestry with his maternal line through my ISHAM line.  Our common ancestor is, Ensley Eusby Isham(Tom's 4 x Great Grandfather and my 13 x Great Grandfather).

As I worked my family tree back I found lots of exciting connections to many founders of America.
And then I found that George Washington was also my cousin, 11th Cousin 8x removed to be exact.

George and I share a common ancestor in Ralph de Neville,  my 18th GGrandfather and George's 10th GGrandfather.  We may share a closer kinship but I haven't stumbled across it yet.

His exact line to mine--

George Washington
Augustine Washington(father of George)
Mildred Warner(mother of Augustine)
Mildred Reade(mother of Mildred)
Gov. George Reade(father of Mildred)
Mildred Windebank(mother of George)
Frances Dymoke(mother of Mildred)
Anne Tallboys(mother of Frances)
Elizabeth Gascoigne(mother of Anne)
Margaret Percy(mother of Elizabeth)
Sir Henry Percy(father of Margaret)
Eleanor De Neville(mother of Henry)
Ralph De Neville(father of Eleanor)Common Ancestor
George De Neville, 1st Baron Latimer(son of Ralph)
Henry De Neville(son of George)
Richard Neville, 2nd Baron Latimer(son of Henry)
Margaret Neville(daughter of Richard)
Lady Elizabeth Willoughby van Broke(daughter of Margaret)
Sir Edward Greville(son of Elizabeth)
Frances Greville(daughter of Edward)
Samuel Mathews Jr(son of Frances)
John Mathews(son of Samuel)
Elizabeth Frances Mathews(daughter of John)
John Charles Holloway(son of Elizabeth)
Martha Holloway(daughter of John Charles)
Mary Elizabeth Hudgens(daughter of Martha)
Frances T Flippen(daughter of Mary)
Sarah P Hamilton(daughter of Frances)
Patrick Henry Baker(son of Sarah)
Lucy Ellen Baker(daughter of Patrick)
Lillian Grace Vassar(daughter of Lucy)
Carole Frances Harper(daughter of Lillian)
Me(daughter of Carole)

George Washington's direct ancestor is Ralph de Neville and Joan de Beaufort's daughter, Eleanor de Neville, while my direct ancestor is their son, George de Neville, 1st Baron Latimer.

Since finding George hanging on my tree I've decided to start a new family tree where I'll see how many US presidents of all the 44 men who have held that office I am related to.

I wonder how many I can connect my line with?

How about you?  There are scads of Americans who are related to our Commanders-in-Chief and their families if they only took the time to do the research and look.

There's an article about a middle schooler who took on the challenge of connecting all our Presidents.

So I'll be posting sporadically as I find a President I can place on my "Sluggy and the Presidents" family tree.

Have you verified that you are related to any famous people?
Do you wish you could confirm a family story or myth about a famous relation?



  1. Do you use or another website?

    1. Ancestry is only the first of many resources I use. Be careful about just copying a family tree there if there is no source verification. There are many older genealogy family line books online now and family websites too. Plus the DAR and other fraternal organization archives and the LDS reading rooms/files. It's a great time in history to be a genealogist as so much information is available to pour through!

  2. It takes resources to maintain the resources! I have found genealogy books at yard sales and purchased them for a quarter. Of course, they are not for my family, but interesting, nonetheless. I did find information for someone else in the books. I do have a few stories and wonder if they are myths.

  3. This is why you are so smart good genes, I meant smart a$$

  4. I think you will ultimately find you are related to every person in the free world.

  5. You do such a great job with this.


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