Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rite-Aid & Weis This Week

I hit Rite-Aid this Week.
I still had a $5 off $20 of Rite-Aid branded products eCoupon on my son's Wellness card so I bought....

8 x Big Win case of water(on sale-Rite Aid product)=$20 *not pictured*

Since this item was also a Blizzard Points qualifying item I now had $20 toward $30 spent to qualify for $10 in Plenti points back so I also bought.....

2 x Garnier Fructis shampoo on sale=$7.00
1 x Garnier Styling product on sale=$3.50

Coupons Used
1 x $5 wyb $20 R-A items Load2CardQ=$5.00
2 x $2/1 Garnier IPQ=$4.00
1 x $2/1 Garnier styler Load2CardQ=$2.00
Coupon Total.....$11.00

$30.50-$11.00=$19.50 = .27¢tax=$19.77

I used one of my $15 R-A free Visa Debit Cards + $4.77 worth of Plenti points on that card to pay.
I received $10 in new Plenti points back.
Nothing spent OOP.
I also received a $2 cash rebate in SavingStar for buying the Garnier styler so this comes out to $2.77 spent "down" in Plenti points in the end.

Onward to my Weis(PMITA)Markets trip from Wednesday.
Here are the best deals I found........

4 x Progresso soups on sale $1=$4.00 used $2/4 Q=$2.00 or .50¢ a can
1 x A&H laundry detergent on sale=$1.97 used $1/1 Q=.97¢
1 x pork tenderloin w/$3 off instant sticker discount=$3.09($1.96 lb)
1 x steelhead trout w/$3 off instant sticker discount=$4.67($4.86 lb)

I also had a $2/4 Progresso rebate in savingstar so the soup will be free once that goes through.

Now I am off to do something outside since it's 60F here right now.



  1. Good buys, I also scored some of these. Steele head is trash fish here, I think that is is so funny that they sell it as trout back there. We have a Steele head season here and Hubs has caught 25lb Steele head. Then we smoke it and I make soup.

  2. Another week of terrific shopping for you Sluggy. I am drooling over the trout and pork tenderloin.

  3. What is so sad is that I was at Duane Reeds (Walgreen owned) and was excited I had 5 bucks acquired to use on my card. I have to raise my expectations

  4. Great Deals for you this week. That Plenti card is terrific. My daughter uses her points to put an extra dollar or two in her gas tank.

  5. The canned soups sure would have come in handy the last two weeks in my house. I am trying to soak in your knowledge.


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