Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Money Just Keeps Rolling In....As In *Eye Rolls*

Yes, I am being snarky in my title.

The mail last week brought in the usual crop of "junk".
You know, all those pieces of advertising trying to separate you from your money.

I usually open even the junk mail because one never knows, do one?

Anyway, I opened this odd duck......

A survey from the Veteran's Administration and a $1 bill tucked inside.
If I returned the questionnaire and someone from our household was picked to do their survey that person would receive $20 for sending that in.

Unfortunately nobody living here will get to do that survey as nobody here is at least 59 years old, but I got a free George Washington just for opening that junk mail. 8-)

Then a letter arrived from my DME(durable medical equipment) supplier......

It stated that during a review of my account that an over payment was discovered and they had cut me a check for that amount and enclosed said refund.

Here is the over payment I got back..........

Ok, a close-up on the amount.....


Ok, I pay this company money EVERY MONTH.  Seems to me it would have been most cost effective to just credit my account so I'd owe .01¢ less next month?

They probably spent at least a five hundred times that amount just paying wages for someone to take care of this, and for postage, paper and ink and the electricity to run the equipment to do this job.
Add up all these over payments they refund over the course of each year and no wonder medical costs are through the roof!
Honestly, where is common sense?

So I am rolling in dough now......I'll try not to spend this $1.01 in one place. Hahaha

I also picked up a freebie(not counting all that Rite-Aid stuff I bought Monday)at Weis(PMITA)Markets.
Awhile back the Catalina machine at the register spit out a Q for a free Gatorade Fuel/Energy Bar and I finally hunted down where this item was in the store and redeemed it......

This will be going into the Xmas stash, specifically into the BF's stocking.  He can use the calories as he does a physically demanding job.

On a roll,



  1. This just goes to show how very inefficient the VA system is--sending a questionnaire to a family that does not qualify to participate. We have had only very poor results in attempting to deal with VA. Penny S.

  2. My car insurance company is always sending me what I deem junk mail, offering me a deal on insurance, informing me of a change to my policy or something uninteresting beyond the notice of my payment.

    Once, I was tired, overworked, and in school. When a person always rides along in her car, mail, money, and other things slide off the passenger side. For some reason, I went to passenger side, front seat, and mail fell on the ground on the wet pavement. My first thought was to toss the mail that all looked like junk. However, I opened the insurance letter and found a check for $60, an overpayment. I was so broke, not knowing how I would make it to the end of the month.

    Now, I open every piece of mail.

    There is no human thought behind that penny payment, so no common sense. Good deal on the dollar!

  3. Wow, can I split your inheritance? You are one lucky joe!

  4. Whoo hoo! Pays to open the mail i guess. Lol

  5. And entire penny, wow. Spend it wisely.


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