Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Grocery Trifecta & a Rite-Aid UPDATE

Stacking discounts is a great way to pay way less than retail on groceries/HBA/paper goods.

First, wait to buy items when they go on sale, and optimally when they go to the lowest price in the stores 6 week pricing cycle.   Keep a price book to know what/when the lowest sale price of the cycle happens.

Secondly, find a coupons if there is one, and if there are virtual Qs(Savingstar Qs)and/or store Qs stack one of those with a "real" Q for double the coupon savings.

Thirdly, look for cash rebate offers on the item you bought and apply for those.

On the Bush's Bean Deal I did last week, I got the sale price(may not have been the lowest which would have been better), had 1 Q to use(more Qs would have been better if available)and applied for 2 cash rebates(one for buying $X worth of product and one for buying certain varieties x 2).

Sale price, coupons and rebates......that's the grocery trifecta.  8-)

Weis(PMITA)Markets puts out a Weis Coupon Book a few/couple times a year.
They just released this one.........

It has a mixed of Qs for Weis brands as well as National brands of items.  These Qs are all Weis Qs so they can be stacked with a Manufacturer's Q.  Add in the sale price over something going that week for regular retail and you have a Grocery Trifecta.

Case in point, I got almost free Snapple single serve bottles of tea for free.
These Snapple "Straight Up" teas are regularly $1.49 retail but currently selling for $1 each at Weis.

There is a $1/3 Snapple bottles Q in the Weis Q book.......

There are hangtag Qs available at some Weis stores.......

So I bought 4 bottles=$4.00
Used 2 hangtagQs(which automatically ring up $1.49 off each)=$2.98
And I paired this Q with a Weis QBook Q at $1/3 Snapple=$1.00

$4.00-$2.98=$1.02-$1.00=$.02 OOP for 4 bottles.

When I spy these Weis QBooks at the registers I snag as many as I can over the course of the few weeks they are available.  With all my trips recently I've got 10 Q Books so far.
The Qs don't expire until Jan 25th of 2017.

On those 2 Rite-Aid trips I did earlier this week, seems I had 2 $1 cash rebate offers on Saving Star for items I purchased-$1 off Centrum and $1 off Advil.
So I will get back $2 cash between them.

This new information makes my first transaction a $3.94 moneymaker and my second transaction costing me .15¢ OOP(well in Plenti points).
I just hate when deals turn out even more awesome-r than you thought they would.  ;-)



  1. Awesome-r I am going to needle point that on a pillow...

  2. Somehow, I can see a better moneymaker for you, a blog or something. LOL, I meant a book.

  3. Love your strategies, mine are similar. I hit Shoprite yesterday, did well:

  4. You're weird if THAT'S what you hate... ;)
    You are awesome.


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