Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Rite-Aid? Yes Please!

So this "Rake in the Savings" Promo is limit of 2 Deals per week per card.
I had more Advil Qs so I went back to do the Deal again last week, plus I added in the Spend $15 Get $3 in Plenti Points on Burt's Bees items.  There were $2/1 In-Ad Qs for any Burt's Bees face/lip product making the tubes of lip balm $.87 after 20% Wellness discount off a reg. retail price and $2 Q....sweet!

I got all this in two separate transactions........

2 x Herbal Essences Shampoo on sale $3 ea.=$6.00
1 x Great Grains cereal on sale=$1.99
1 x Centrum Vitamints on sale=$6.99
4 x Advil BOGO50% sale=$20.36
6 x Burt's Bees lip balm 20% Wellness discount($2.87 ea.)=$17.22
*I didn't need the cereal to reach $50 but what the heck, why not buy it if it's free and we can use it!lol

Coupons Used
1 x $3/2 Herbal Essence Load2CardQ=$3.00
1 x .75/1 Great Grains IPQ=.75¢
1 x $4/1 Centrum Vitamints IPQ=$4.00
4 x $3/1 Advil IPQ=$12.00
6 x $2/1 In-Ad Burt's Bees Q=$12.00
Coupon Total.....$31.75

*But a .75/1 Great Grains Load2CardQ also came off so the Coupon Total became $32.50

$52.56-$32.50=$20.06+.35¢tax=$20.41 OOP using my Plenti Points.
I earned $23 in new Plenti Points($20 Rake in the Savings, $3 Burt's Bees)so these items were a $2.59 moneymaker.

I love getting paid to shop. 8-)))



  1. Love the Burts Bee lip balms! They go good in a Christmas Stocking !

  2. I would love to shop for free too. Lucky git.


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