Saturday, September 3, 2016

I Went To Rite-Aid & A Weis Freebie Too

Yep, I bought something at Rite-Aid this week.

Here it is..........

Colgate toothpaste was on sale $3.50.
The $2.50 In-Ad Q reduced the price to $1.
I stacked that with a $1/1 ManQ from the Sunday Q inserts making the toothpaste $0.00(aka FREE).

On one of my 3 trips to Weis(PMITA)Markets this week the Catalina machine printed me off a Q for a Free Item, so I redeemed it on my next trip to Weis.......

A full sized soft pack of Puffs facial tissue with lotion.
This is a new item that Weis is carrying and retails there for $1.99 ouch.
I've tucked this away into my Christmas stash of goodies as College Boy dearly loves him some lotion tissues in the Winter.  8-)

Speaking of Christmas as of today there are only 112 days until that Bacchanalia of gifting!!!
I need to take a peek into my Xmas stash soon as see where I stand/if it's time to panic yet that I don't have more free stuff in there.
But the real question is how do you shop for grown kids who just want money?
Getting free money is very hard to come by as opposed to getting free stuff..........



  1. I've posted this before- I give all my immediate family members (3 kids, 2 spouses, 3 grands) a hundred dollar bill. Yes, I could be creative in the packaging but I'm NOT LOL. I buy something to open for my 3 grandkids and 2 daughters. I usually get the women some kind of cosmetic set/purse and the kids a book. We play a dice game Christmas Eve and I buy for it- booze, candy, household things, cosmetics, gift cards, etc and those are gifts for my sibs/nephews. I love Christmas and try to not make it about gifts and more about Jesus. I usually buy/make a few things for clients and give a gift card to those with no family.

  2. We try, as much as possible, to give experiences, or things tied to experiences. We're doing a family ski trip in February, so I think we'll get the boys skis for Christmas. Or, maybe some of the gear (a helmet, bag for ski clothes, etc). And, something fun like a nerf gun. :-)

  3. We give in and give money. The other freebies I get are saved for my Mom, stockings (we still do those for those that are here for Christmas which is 2 kids this year and Mom) and hubby. Or I spend the freebies to save money on groceries and put the grocery money towards money for the kids.

  4. I've gone towards cash for older with a few odds and ends. They don't need stuff and can use cash towards a night out or towards a future trip or bills sadly.

  5. I buy small gifts all year long. In my family everyone gets socks, underwear, music, a book and a small toy. Then comes a utilitarian gift with a couple of wants thrown in. We do not give our sons money as a gift.

  6. Since it is the long weekend and I have some time, I checked my Christmas stash this morning. This year, way back in January I was able to buy five generic toys at a deep clearance combined with coupons at Kohls - I paid three dollars each - for five toys that had a value of about 15 dollars each. So my five daycare children are all set for Christmas (my daycare agency provides a worker dressed as Santa to visit our homes for the children - I sneak him the gifts before he comes, so the kids see him walk in with a big bag of gifts - the kids love it every year!). Also at Kohls back in January I bought some gifts at deep clearance prices - six pairs of nice fuzzy socks for my adult daughter, a nice lotion set, a scarf and hat set, and a sweater. Same for my husband - back in January at Kohls - deep clearance on two sweatshirts, and two zippered hoodie jackets. I am very happy now that I found those deep clearances and was able to use some of their coupons as my husband is now sick with cancer and money is becoming more and more tight. That will be all I get for them (what I already have) - and I am working my survey sites for gift cards to use for gifts for my two grandchildren. All in all it will be a very low cost Christmas but nice gifts under the tree -- my daughter and I will bake, decorate, watch christmas shows with the kids, etc etc etc...and of course I will be taking care of my will be a nice christmas season....

  7. well, those in hell want ice water but they ain't getting any....
    even the cash wants are forsaken - they get proper prizes.

  8. I've never seen tissues like that. Only in a boring box.


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