Thursday, September 8, 2016

And the Deals Keep Coming.......

I just keep finding instant discount sticker meat deals lately......not that I am complaining about that! lolz
But it does mean I've spent a lot of time hopping over to the stores for groceries this week-Target, Weis, the Bread Outlet, Panera(Tuesday discount bagels), Malacari's Produce, Dollar Tree, Weis again, and Weis yet again again. And that was only from Monday to Wednesday!  ;-)

A few of the highlights--

I went up to Weis on Monday for steaks to grill out and stumbled upon this Deal on some Pork Roasts......

Center Cut Pork Roasts were on Buy One/Get One offer so I picked these two up for the price of one, $11.78.
Each of them had a $3 off instant Sticker on the packages so they cost me $5.78 for 4.70 lbs. of meat.
That's $1.23 per pound.  Much better than the package price of $4.99 lb.

One package will be sliced up into chops for tonight and the other goes into the freezer for later.

I also picked up a long weekend special at Weis..........

A large pack of chicken thighs for .75¢ lb.  Half of these will be grilled and teriyaki-ed this week and the other half, into the freezer they go.

I had to run to pick-up some onions and mushrooms Wednesday and picked up 9 cans of baked beans at Weis.

Weis had them for $5 for 3 cans and we were totally out.  I like to keep baked beans on hand for easy dinner sides(when I can't make my own from dried beans).

I had a $1/2 IPQ for the Grillin' Beans variety so this lot cost me $12.34 out the door with that $1 off Q.
But.....I already earned a $1.10 cash rebate on Checkout51(.55¢ wyb2 Grillin' Beans and another .55¢ wyb2 other varieties of Bush's), so I'm now $11.24 OOP.

And in about a week I'll get another $3.00 cash rebate from SavingStar for purchasing over $12 in Bush's bean products, so I am looking at $8.24 for all 8 cans.  Not spectacular but at $1.03 per can which is almost half price off what these go for($1.99)at regular retail around here I'll take it.

I plan on sitting home today to cook, and maybe I'll clean and ride the exercycle too.
Tomorrow I'll be running over to Weis(PMITA)Markets again as the new sales ads starts today and I need to pick up Panko for cheap.
Then to the Farm Stand to get pepper relish making supplies-red and green bell peppers + maybe another large bag of onions(if the price is right).

What homemaking activities are you partaking in this week?



  1. Great finds!!!
    My freezers are pretty full but it seems that prices are dropping here and I can't stop loading up. Pot roast is on sale and I think we need some. LOL

  2. well, as little as possible, I am a lazy just a lazy need someone to kick my butt.

  3. Sweet deal on the chicken!!! and the other stuff.
    No clue what's for supper tonight. I'm out til 7 so I guess it's a fend for yourself kind of night...

  4. Those are spectacular meat finds! What homemaking activities? I got the garbage to the can. All meals are chicken based and involve fruit and vegetables. Basically, I am holding down the bed since a bladder infection is kicking me down. I stagger once a day to feed Dominique. There is lots going undone. The fever is not good!

  5. Pork has been really high here and I would love a good pork loin dinner. We are baked bean people too. I've not found a great from dry bean recipe yet that I've mastered and when the good version are on sale like this, I will stock up as well.

  6. Nice deals, especially on the pork!

  7. I want to sit down with my partner and force out a budget, dammit.

  8. Super deal on the pork. No one around here ever has coupons on their meats, but The Pig does reduce meats butt early on Monday. Gotta start going there again


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