Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Pretty Good Deal

If you shop at Weis(PMITA)Markets you know they have been on this "Mix & Match Deal" kick the last few months.

The promotion is Buy X Number of Select Items and Get $X Back.
But it's not just one company's items deal, it's a wide assortment of companies and types of items and the Deal changes greatly every sales ad.

Sometimes there is nothing I'd buy and infrequently it encompasses some items I would consider buying.
And rarely I can pick and choose items worth buying and pair the deal with coupons.......this is when I actually do these deals.

I did the Mix & Match on Friday, paying $5.94 OOP for 6 items after the $3 off and coupons.

Pictured above, 2 jars of Prego sauce, 2 boxes of Ortega shells, a Butterball smoked sausage package(between the shells and the cheese slices)and the Hot Pockets food truck bites were what I bought/part of the Mix & Match Deal.
On sale those 6 items came to $14.94
I used a $3/1 ManuQ HP Food Truck Q, a $1/2 Prego IPQ, a $1/2 Ortega IPQ and a .55/1 Butterball IPQ(which doubled up to $1 at Weis).
Pairing this $6 off with the $3 Deal discount I received $9 off my total of $14.94, making my new total $5.94 or less than $1 for each of these 6 items.

I also bought 5 cannisters of panko for $1 each on sale as I was almost out of panko and was waiting for a deal on it.

The BF also goes through cheese slices at a good clip so I jumped on the BOGO Kraft slices deal this week as well.  $4.49 for 2 packages on sale.
Plus I used 2 x .75/1 Kraft IPQ(which each doubled to $1).  Even though Kraft slices are on sale BOGO you can still use 1 Q on each package.  Sweet.
So I paid $2.49 total for both packages.

I'm posting these deals in case some other Weis shopper wants in on these.



  1. Those were exceptional deals this week! Sometimes, I look at the ads and find the same thing in my area. Of course, I have not been motivated to open the ads this week. I love Kraft specials.


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