Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weis Friday Deals

I did indeed go back to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Friday to do the One Day Deals only available on Friday.  I put it all away before thinking to take a picture. 8-(

I got.....
1 Watermelon for $4(despite the time of year it WAS good!)
1 head of Lettuce for .99¢
1 head of Cauliflower for $2
10 ears of FL Corn for $3(again, early but sweet!)  Dinner last night was roasted corn on the cob and watermelon for me.  Hubs added leftover Rigatoni in Sauce.

I also picked up an in-store bakery blueberry pie for Hubs for $3.99.

My two best deals though were meats--
I tried that chicken breakkfast sausage for $2 I bought on Thursday and it was excellent so I bought 5 more packages and "fed" our freezer. lol
And I bought a slab of ribs which cost $7.19 for 5.21 lbs.  How could I not for the price of $1.38 a lb!
This slab will be going on the smoker Sunday morning and will be enough for 2 meals for Hubs & I.

Another $31.18 spent OOP, $32.49 saved or 51% savings rate on these groceries.
Still under my $250 food spending Budget for April but by less than $1.

I've now got to resist spending anymore on food until a Week from this coming Sunday.
Not sure if I can do that but I'll try.  ;-)

Ok, time to get some laundry done, sell a few toiletries and get those ribs rubbed down for tomorrow.

What's on your agenda this weekend?



  1. I'm updating the menu-went way off plan, but still not too much damage on groceries-other areas sucked budget wise, which I whine about extensively on my blog. I will need laundry soap, but am vowing to only buy cheap and see how long I can stretch what we have in house until a good deal comes along.

  2. My freezer loves to be fed! Glad the chicken sausages were great. I was waiting for an opinion and now I will look for them here.

  3. Selling of items before my move. Got rid of the firewood today, was a real stress reducer.

  4. Reprobate and profligate past times: dishes, laundry, backyard tidy-up, and paperwork.


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