Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earning Christmas Update.....First Quarter of 2016

I am trying to earn as many freebies for Christmas giving as I can this year.
Yep, it's one of my goals to keep/save my cash as much as possible and find freebies to give at Christmas.
That being said, I am under no illusion that I'll pull off a free Christmas in terms of gift-giving but at least I should be able to find enough to stuff the stockings this year, right?

So far here is what I've gotten for free during the 1st quarter of the year......

1 x full size bottle of Axe deodorant
1 x small bar of goat's milk soap
12 x packs of Juicy Fruit gum
1 x $10 Best Buy Gift card(for buying 20 packs of applesauce)

The gift card wasn't exactly free since I did have to use a stamp to mail away for it but for all intents and purposes, it's free.  ;-)

As I said, the gift card was for buying applesauce earlier in the year.
The soap was being handed out one weekend in February when Hubs and I went to Price Chopper to get beer.
The Axe was a freebie sample from the Walmart website in January.  The "sample" turned out to be a full sized deodorant.  There was an optional short survey they also sent about a month later to do online, which I did, as CB has used this before and I knew his views on the product.
All that gum was also gotten in January when Weis(PMITA)Markets had what seemed like a month long sale on Juicy Fruit gum for $1 a pack.  I paired that sale with as many JFG coupons I could glean from Coupons dotcom that month(which reset that coupon a couple of times during Jan.)and doubled at Weis to $1.

Granted it's a good start but I have between 2 and 4 stockings(4 if I do the grown kids' stockings too)to fill so this isn't going to cut it. lolz

I'll keep searching for freebies throughout the rest of the year and will report back 3 more times before the year ends.

I am fortunate that I do have all those toiletries I don't pay for from Rite-Aid which I can raid if I need to as well, if the freebies dry up. 8-)

So how is your Christmas gift gathering going this year?



  1. i have jammies and blankets for my girls already!

  2. This is a great idea. I am going to start right now seeing how many free things I can score for Christmas

  3. I'm doing better than I was this time last year but I haven't posted about any of it since I haven't cashed it in yet. In my mind, it doesn't count until it is in my pocket.

  4. I do think I spend too much last minute with stocking stuffers so getting a freebie load would be a great help. Everything you have so far would be loved by my three stocking owners, though really only the youngest is technically home, but I still have filled stockings in the shape of a shipped box for the older kids even when away.


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