Thursday, March 3, 2016

To-Do List....February Update

So how did we do on February's goals?
Let's take a look.....


* Inventory Stockpile  DONE  We had a couple of days of warmer weather near the end of the month so I took advantage and got out into the garage and tidied up the stockpile and stock took.  We are at "capacity" with a few categories of foods and that was noted and we'll not be buying certain items for some time to come.  Other categories we are winnowing down the supplies and some of these we won't be restocking while others we will.

* Pick Giveaway Winner  DONE

* Mail out Giveaway Box  DONE  As I haven't heard back from her on whether it arrived safely I've emailed her to follow up and everything is fine.

* Pay Bills  DONE  Everything billed in February has been paid(except for 1 medical bill I am still waiting on).

* Bike 60 Miles  DONE--61 miles

Even though I didn't realize at the time when I set this mileage goal that it was a short month and then I didn't bike for 4 whole days because I was sick(making Feb. only 25 days long for my purposes)I still hit the 60 mile target.
Go me.....lolz

* Paint and Complete 1 Item  FAIL  Nope, didn't do this.  My paints and brushes are still sitting on a shelf in the garage.  I did however go down into the basement and dig out something to paint......

And I hope to get the paints out and complete these by the end of the month.

* Sew & Complete Something  FAIL  Well, what can I say?  I was set to finish another nightgown(once I found all the cut-out pieces for it in the pile in the bedroom)but then the bathroom renovation actually I haven't been able to use my sewing machine as the bedroom is a construction zone staging area by day. ;-)

* File Federal Taxes  DONE  Got 'em done and mailed off to the criminals in Washington.

* Do FAFSA  DONE  I was so NOT going to even fill out this crap for College Boy's junior year coming up since we don't take aid from the government so there is no point.  Except that CB got a job this semester on campus and even though the funds to pay him do NOT come out of federal Work Study monies in order to keep this job next year we have to fill out this insanity.

I love how the FAFSA eggheads inform us that due to our income we are expected to contribute over $52THOUSAND to CB's education each year. 
Ok....but his costs are "only" $22K a year for school. It's so nice to know that someone considers us "rich".

BTW-Daughter was told when she filled out FAFSA this year(considering a return to college), as an adult without parental financial support and living on her own for 3 years now, making approx. $32K gross and with little cash assets in the bank, that she is expected to contribute over $9K to her educational costs next year.  Now just where is she suppose to come up with $9K, especially since she'll have to quit her job to go to school? 

* Do State Taxes  DONE  We always owe a little bit of money to the great fiscal bastion of PA, so I am never in a hurry to do this set of taxes.....but it's done and off my plate now.

* Do CB's Taxes  DONE  Well they are done but not mailed because he has to come home next week on break and sign the forms.

* Take Food Bank Donation in  DONE

Got my bags of food/toiletries taken up mid month.

* Sign Contract on Renovation  DONE  Committed to the work at the beginning of the month and when 1 of the contractor's other jobs ahead of us was pushed back into March we got onto the contractor's schedule lickety-split.
The work is coming along....

There is now a ceiling in the bathroom again! rah.

*  Buy Reno Supplies  DONE  I signed up for a Lowe's card to put the purchase of supplies and labor onto and got a 5% discount on said supplies and labor.  The bill will be paid off fully in March once the job is completed.

* Read 1 Book  IN PROGRESS  I've been reading a biography of actor Henry Fonda.  Progress is going much slower than expected as this tome is reading like someone's half-assed  educational dissertation that they thought would be a good idea to turn into a book and make some money off of it.  I think the writer was a candidate for a joint Pyschology and Cinema Arts degree.  I am having to go view many Fonda flicks to keep up with and grasp the literary noodlings of this author.  The amateur psychoanalysis of the man and his roles by this writer makes me keep a barf bag nearby as well.  It's a long slow slog through this book yet I persevere.
One thing is for certain, Fonda was one f*cked up piece of humanity!  As are his kids.

* File State Taxes  DONE  Sent off and the check written and I can wash my hands of this chore for another year.  Looking forward to moving to a state without state income taxes......

* Plan Travel for 2016  ON HOLD  Due to life issues that are still up in the air at this point in 2016, our/my travel plans are on hold until certain things are settled so I am removing this from the To-Do list for now.   Still working on at least 1 trip for the year with my eldest when he is on his Summer break from teaching.  And I might be heading to Boston area with Hubs for his Springtime conference, but other than those trips no plans are shaping up yet.

* Have a Date w/Hubs  DONE  We went out for lunch together last weekend and then I sat and watched him pick out beer to take home(fun, fun).

Living the dream folks......

So we did pretty well on the February Goals with only 2 Fails.  I confess that my goals this past month weren't too strenuous but there were some important one(taxes/fafsa)to get off my plate.

I am still thinking on what to try to get done around here in March.

What are you working on in your life?
Tell us what plans are taking up your time and energy lately.



  1. Busy, busy, busy!!! I hear ya. It seems that life has kicked into high gear for many of us. Fight the good fight woman!

  2. Looks great! You did well. I focused on getting our taxes done, and recovering from my surgery. Done & done! :)

  3. Glad to see someone else is living the life too! I would hate to think I am hoarding all the fun.


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