Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Last Couple of Days

First off my grocery shopping trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Friday.........

I also wanted to mention that I did use that $2 ExtraCare bucks I had that expired last Saturday March 5th.
The town College Boy goes to school in has a CVS so we swung by and use it before leaving town.
Arizona Teas were 2/$1 so we bought 4 iced teas and spent $0 OOP.

I am done with CVS now until Rite-Aid turns into a Wags. lolz

We got our tax refund on Friday.
Automatic direct bank deposits rock!
Of course our water heater has decided to give up the ghost this week so we know exactly where that windfall will be going.
I swear the appliances around here just know when we get a little extra money, don't they?

And I hopped up to Rite-Aid this morning and did the rest of the March Pain Deals on my son's card........

After 20% wellness discount that Absorbine Jr. was $8.79($9 sale price), the Stopain was $9.59($10 sale price), the Simisan was $8.79($10 sale price)and the Vivarin was $7.99($9 sale price).  Each of these gave $9 back in Plenti Points.
I also got 2 x Irish Spring Body Wash, on sale for $6/2, used 2 x $1/1 Qs and got back $3 in Plenti Points for the purhase.

I spent down $36.40 in Plenti Points and earned $39.00 in new Plenti Points, making this transaction a $2.60 moneymaker.

I am off today to do some cleaning.  The weather is beautiful so I might just do some organizing/decluttering in the garage.  There is also a fine layer of dust(from spackle and contruction)on everything in the bedroom so I'll be having a go in there as well.
I need to pick up some things for the new bathroom(hand towels, rug/bathmat, blinds)but as my foot is painful today(pulled something on the side of the right one)I am not up to walking around stores so that can wait until next week sometime.

Hubs takes College Boy back to school tomorrow so I'll have the house to myself for awhile.  I think a nice long nap is in order then. 8-)

What are you up to this weekend?
Any plans?



  1. This is a down weekend for us. I am catching up on everyone's blogs!

  2. Went to a "town hall" meeting yesterday as health care in Ontario continues to disappear. Another 40 million $ in cuts this year. Emergency room wait times are unbelievable!!


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