Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Great Bathroom Remodel of 2016.....Part Four

Ok, so the crew finished up on Monday(they stayed until 5:30 pm to get it done).  I had fallen asleep in the spare bedroom so Hubs, who took the day off from work, did the final walk through with the crew.  Let's just say that Hubs is not very observant at time. lolz

When I awoke and walked into the bathroom it was beautiful but I did immediately see two things............

The ledge on the bottom of the mirror frame had a ding......

And the heater which was NOT replaced was missing a side panel which had been there before the crew removed it.  It's that black space next to/behind the toilet..........


The next day the contractor called to speak with us/talk about any issues remaining.  He spoke up and said he realized that the mirror had a defect(was present on it when the crew took it out of the box)but they hung it anyway so we'd have a mirror while they reordered a new one.
So Hubs brought up the missing panel on the heater and the contractor said that his crew chief said that it wasn't there when they started.
Sluggy to the rescue......I emailed him this shot of the "Before" Bathroom taken the day before they gutted the room.

Yes, the heater panel WAS there!
So the crew either lost or just threw out the old heater panel(they did keep the panel on the other side, weird?).
The contractor will replace the panel(this heater is from 1986)and if he can't match it(and he can't) he'll be buying us a new heater unit(in white to match the room).

This is why it is important to DOCUMENT folks!  Without the photos I took we'd be paying for a new heater unit and install along with everything else we bought for this reno.

So with all that out of the way, here are the reno porn shots of Sluggy's brand spanking new bathroom.....

It's not a fancy bathroom with fancy fittings and fixtures but it all matches and is clean and functional.
That's what is important to me.  8-)
We went with a gray neutral on the floor and walls(doors, ceiling and trim in white), clean white appliances(sink/toilet/tub), a dark brown mirror and cabinet/vanity, fixtures in brushed nickel and a mounted shower rod.

I hung the shower curtain last weekend.
After Hubs puts the shelves back into the closet there I'll restock that.

Now I just have to lay down some grout sealer, then get some hand towels, a toothbrush holder and a bath mat/rug that matches and pick up a squeegee to clean water off the tub surround walls with after use.

Oh, and some shelf paper for the drawers and under the sink in the cabinet and a new blind for the window.
And hang my art back on the wall.

So that's mostly done.
Now we had to address the issues in the main/hallway bathroom. It isn't nearly as bad as the master bathroom was but there are things to be done in there--new vanity/sink, new lights, new toilet, new drywall on one wall, new vinyl flooring and massive amounts of painting.  At least the sink drain in now up to code in there.  The only "surprise" will be the subfloor being replaced around the toilet I think.
Not as labor intensive a job(no tiling and no replacing all the sheet rock)but it will still cost a fair amount.  We still have a few thousand left from Hubs bonus from 2015 which should go a long way to paying for what needs to be done in that bathroom(if we do all the painting ourselves).

But maybe we need to sit down first and prioritize all the rest of the house projects that need doing before launching into this other bathroom situation.

I am just thankful we didn't go into debt to get this bathroom ticked off the list and I can "enjoy the go" again in there.  ;-)



  1. I think it looks great! We have to re-do both of our bathrooms at some point in the future due to past water damage/plumbing issues but it has to wait until my husband is working again (He was laid off right before Thanksgiving). I like that you went "simple" with the renovation - that way you can add/subtract deocr as you like!

    1. Thanks TrayceeBee. I didn't see the point of redoing tile work and making it fancy for 2 reasons....1-We are moving in a few years and 2-making it fancier in this neighborhood and this house wouldn't have made the house any more valuable for what we can see once we sell. You never want to be the nicest/most expensive house in your neighborhood. While fixing the bathroom will get us more at the selling table, making it fancy wouldn't.

  2. It is beautiful and belongs in my house! I am sure you are so glad to have your house back.

  3. Wow, it looks great! Perhaps that contractor should have told you about the ding!?! Thankfully you had that picture of the heater. Contractors are not always very careful, never as careful as a homeowner would be. Just be aware, now you will start looking at every other room in your home thinking how much better it would look if you changed this or that lol.

  4. Smart to keep it simple. It looks great! I'm sure you're relieved that it's done.

  5. I'm glad they're going to make good!!!
    It looks sweet... I'd be proud to poop in there.


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