Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Great Bathroom Remodel of 2016.....Part 3

So let's talk a bit before I show more Reno Porn photos.

Our first choice of flooring was this.......

It's a tile product that looks like weathered wood.  We chose the whitewashed pecan board look as it is in gray tones.
This tile comes in long planks like wooden board flooring.

Our contractor gave us a look when we showed him what he had picked out.
Seems this type of tile has a problem.

First they don't always come perfect from the factory.  Contractor has had experience with laying this flooring and has found that the boxes of tile contain many planks that have factory flaws-they come bowed and are not straight.  What happens when you walk on tile planks that aren't straight?  Over time and stress they crack and break, meaning floor repairs over the life of the tile.

Also, even if the tiles are true your sub floor needs to be perfectly plumb.  A square tile(even a 12 inch one)can be laid on a less than perfect sub floor and be ok.  A long plank tile laid on the same less than perfect sub floor will cause problems and you end up with buckling tiles and/or cracked/broken tiles over time.
Contractor has had complaints about these plank tile floors he has put in once the floors are walked on and has had to redo them.  He does not like to put these in anymore(and who can blame him?).

So since we are flexible and not ultra-picky and want what we want no matter what! people, we chose a second tile in the same tones as the original.
It's called Chilo Grey.

Bonus was that this gray tone square tile was ONE THIRD the price of our first choice....score!

Day 2 the walls were mostly back up, except for this one segment under/next to the window.
I would be ok with leaving the drywall unpainted(PURPLE!)but there is the little issue of taping and spackling the seams.
Oh well.....

After the weekend(they don't work the weekends), Day 3 of the job, the walls were all up and the first round of tape and spackle was also done.....

The new bathtub and walls were also in.
So white and shiny and new!
Knobs, faucet and shower head still to be installed.

We went for a tub surround/shower wall system as opposed to retiling the bath area.
The cost was less(tiling is slow and tedious work and costs much more in labor)and the maintenance/upkeep is easier.  No grout to clean constantly.
We chose a wall system with built in ledges for soap and bottles of 'poo.  Hopefully Hubs won't fill them all up with stuff.

On Day 4 there was another round of sanding and spackle and then the mortar went down on the floor and the tile got laid.

Things are beginning to look like something now.

Day 5 was a short workday with  another round of sand and spackle and then the white primer went up on the walls.  This is the "boring" part of the process as spackle has to dry in between coats so it doesn't look like any progress is being made.

Day 6 another round of primer and then the first coat of paint went up before they left.
We chose a warm gray called "Tempered Gray" for the wall color.

Knowing that the small little paint chip you choose your colors from sometimes can be too dark or overwhelming once it's on your walls, even though this was what most would call a pale tint, I was still reticent about the color until it went up and dried.

Here is someone else's room painted with this color.....

I wanted a warm gray but not something that was too brown or muddy.  This tint seemed not as cool as some grays can be, but still clean looking.
My fears were assuaged once I saw the dried walls.

I didn't get a photo of the walls in the bathroom with the paint up until after they were done.

Day 7 was more coats of paint and some trim work and grouting the tile floor.  Trim going back up is white as is the closet door. Grout is a darker shade of the tile so it recedes into the background.

This photo below is where we left off for the weekend when Day 7 was done.  The job couldn't be finished on last Friday as expected.

Due to a manufacturing flaw with the sink top which wasn't uncovered until Friday when they took it out of the box, the trim couldn't be finished since they couldn't install the vanity cabinet/sink first....which needed to be done first.

So this is where we where at the end of Day 7.
Walls done, floor done, tub and surround and tub/shower fixtures done.

Not a great shot of the grouted floor and the wall heater is still propped up in the corner and not put back into place.

Luckily for us another Lowe's nearby had the same sink top we ordered in stock so it would be available by Monday to be put in and the job wouldn't be held up weeks and weeks waiting on another identical sink top to arrive.  Had another sink top not been available locally we'd have had to go find one at another Lowe's elsewhere in the state or wait for another one to be ordered and arrive from the manufacturer.  Or, since I am not ultra-picky I might have gone with another sink top that WAS available now.  I wanted the plain white one but could have talked myself into something else if push came to shove.

The sink flaw was small(a pinpoint sized spot/hole where the glaze hadn't taken on the right front corner of the unit but why accept and put in a flawed product when we didn't have to?  Having spent this amount of money(!!!)I wanted it right.  Plus being on the front I would have noticed it every time I used that sink.   I guess I do have a level of picky-ness if I am paying for it. lolz

But everything came together on Day 8 of the job, which was this past Monday, with just a few little issues to correct/address.

I'll share the final photos in the next Update Post.



  1. It is all coming together. I am envious.

  2. What fun! I really like your tile choice. I picked something very similar for the entryway of one of our homes.

  3. Your new tile is very pretty too and at 1/3 the cost a bargain. Can't wait to see the final product!

  4. Always talk to and listen to the guys who do the installation . . . .

    When we moved into our house in Portland we had hardwood floors installed downstairs. Since it was an open floor plan we were originally going to put the wood in the kitchen as well, but in the end decided to leave the vinyl flooring that was in there with a view to eventually having the kitchen tiled. The installers for the floor told us we were very smart - 95% of their work was replacing damaged wood floors in kitchens. They were booked for months. Sound like you might have developed a very close relationship with the flooring installers as well if you had gone with your first choice, even though it is beautiful.

    Love seeing the progress!

  5. Very pretty and coming together quickly! I prefer the second tile, great that the installer was honest with you.

  6. aren't new tubs just great? so nice and shiny!

  7. Isn't is mind boggling how many different shades there are of one colour?! I find making a decision very hard - I used 1 shades of grey in my bathroom and liked them thankfully when it was finished. Good luck - you're almost done!

  8. My hubby and I are currently pondering installing some new tiles in our bathroom. We were stuck for inspiration, though. Both of us haven't got a great eye for design. We were delighted therefore to stumble across this article. Your weathered wood tiles look beautiful and I think we will choose something similar for our bathroom. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  9. Be thankful that you chose to get the new sink. Many years ago when we remodeled our kitchen the guy did not lay the tile down right. It has been over two decades but it is all I see every time I go in the room. It completely stopped my creative juices. Be thankful they spotted the problem.


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