Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Good & the Not-So Good at Target Yesterday

Well Hubs and I made it up to Target on Friday.  It was crowded as I thought, though it would be not nearly what it will be on Saturday. lol

I went with 2 previous gift cards earned for free on "Buy something and get a free Target gift card" that amounted to $15(a $5 and a $10).
I also took a loaded Target gift card I got for free with credit card points, which had $18.37 left on it.

A fistful of Manufacturer/IPQ coupons and a Spend $50 on food/beverage & earn a $10 Target gift card coupon as well.

This is what I bought........

2 x Kraft parmesan cheese 1lb. containers on sale=$6.82
2 x Bear Naked granola=$7.98
2 x Snapple teas=$2.98
1 x Goldn'Plump chicken legs $2.99 w/instant $1 off sticker on them=$1.99
1 x Lay's chips on sale=$2.00
2 x Ice sparkling drinks on sale=$2.00
2 x Hawaiian rolls on sale=$6.00
1 x MC pie on sale=$5.99
1 x Ortega steak kits clearance=$1.94
1 x Ortega green chiles clearance=.86¢
2 x large eggs on sale=$1.98
1 x Swirl bread=$2.69
2 x MC pot pies on sale=$4.50
2 x Minute Rice on sale=$3.58
So we made it to $50+ on food/drink and earned that $10 Target gift card

I also bought this in the same transaction.......partly in honor of Sonya Ann and partly in honor of the release of the new "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" movie....lolz

4 x Windex=$12.56

New SubTotal........$63.87
I earned another $5 Target gift card for buying the Windex AND earned a $3 OYNO Target Catalina Q.

Coupons Used
2 x .75¢/1 Kraft parmesan cheese IPQ=$1.50
1 x $1/2 Bear Naked granola IPQ=$1.00
1 x BOGO Snapple tea hangtag Q=$1.49
1 x $1/1 Goldn'Plump chicken IPQ=$1.00
1 x BOGO Ice sparkling drinks IPQ=$1.00
1 x .55¢/1 MC pie IPQ=.55¢
1 x $1/2 any Ortega items IPQ=$1.00
1 x $1/1 PF Swirl bread=$1.00
1 x $1/2 Minute Rice ManuQ=$1.00
2 x $1/2 Windex IPQ=$2.00
Coupon Total.....$11.54

$63.87-$11.54=$52.33-$15 in Target gift cards=$37.33-$18.37 Target gift card balance=$18.96 OOP.

When I got home I submitted for $2.25 in cash rebates($1 for the Minute Rice, .75¢ for the MC pie and .50¢ for 1 of the Ice drinks)through Ibotta and Checkout51.
So after that my OOP becomes $16.71 and I earned $3 Catalina and $15 in new Target gift cards.

The Not-So Good was I mistakenly bought the wrong brand of swirl bread and didn't realize it until I got home and Ibotta wouldn't take my rebate for that. doh!

I bought Thomas' instead of Pepperidge Farm but on the good side of this, the cashier pushed the $1 PFQ I gave her through. lolz
So I got a loaf of bread that was .30¢ cheaper to begin with, saved $1 off of it by mistake and didn't get my .75¢ rebate, so it's only a .45¢ "win".  I can live with that.  ;-)

Unfortunately I didn't print out the King's Hawaiian rolls IPQs in time or that would have been cheaper.  I still wanted them for Easter dinner as I really didn't want to have to make my handmade rolls.  I prefer my family recipe but I guess I am just getting old and tired.....why kill myself to make everything at home, right?  It's not like the brother in-law will notice they are store bought. lolz
I am going to whip some butter with honey though to serve with these...not like they aren't sweet enough, right?  8-)  But it will be a nice extra touch to make up for that they aren't homemade.

And those 1lb. containers of parmesan cheese are twice the size of the little canisters you see at the store and buy and THEY WERE THE SAME PRICE AS THE LITTLE CANISTERS!  Why not get twice as much for the same price, right?  And the coupon made them $2.66 each....can't beat that with a stick!

Sometimes when I go to Target to do these deals I end up buying filler junk.  I really wanted to avoid that this trip.  Why spend $50 if half of it is stuff you didn't go to get anyway, right?  The pie is for Easter(again, I am being the chips are for Easter for the pre-dinner snacks and veggie tray(and Hubs will eat whatever is left later). The Swirl bread is for making French Toast Easter morning for Hubs and I....a little treat for us.

I am happy overall for once with a Target trip.  I don't often say that. ;-)
Used $33.37 in gift cards, $11.54 in Qs and $18.96 in cash.
Got back $15 in gift cards, $2.25 in cash rebates and $3 in CatQs.
And that $18.96 OOP cash didn't bust my march food budget either.  8-)



  1. what are you going to do with all that Windex?

    1. That my dear is a secret but all will be revealed in the fullness of time. ;-)

  2. You really did well. I have a friendly aquaintance that is pretty skilled at Target-not your Rite Aid caliber if skill-but saves a ton.She shares her wins at Facebook regularly. I think you beat her dealing.I feel good when I can match manufactuer coupons with sale and free Target cards.

  3. So the real question is, am I Greek? You would be the only one that knows!!!
    I think you did really well. I'm hit or miss with Target. I have a $5 GC that I like wash and repeat with. But I never feel like I did great there. On the upside, it seems that CVS has a bit of life with their new deals. I'm formulating a plan as we speak.


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