Friday, August 28, 2015

Wednesday & Thursday Shopping

I had received a Plenti card for Eldest Son's account at Rite-Aid back in the Spring when they went to the new system there, but hadn't activated it yet or linked it to the Wellness account.
That all changed on Wednesday when I took that card up to Rite-Aid to buy this stuff here..........

2 x Starbucks drinks on sale=$3.00
2 x Jergens natural glow lotion 20% wellness discount($2.23 ea.)=$4.46
2 x Chapstick lip balms BOGO50%=$2.98

Coupons Used
2 x $1/1 Starbucks drinks IPQ=$2.00
2 x $2/1 Jergens natural glow In-Ad Q(this Q can be used on the trial size 2 oz. bottles )=$4.00
Coupon Total......$6.00

$10.44-$6=$4.44 +.21¢tax=$4.65

I obviously don't have any Plenti points attached to this card so I used my freebie Rite-Aid gift card to pay, so Zero OOP.
I earned 800($8) in Plenti points(100 wyb2 Starbucks, 300 wyb2 Chapstick, 400 wyb2 Natural Glow).

I may go back today and do this transaction again today on this card(limit of 2 per card), spend 400($4) of my 800 pts., pay the .65¢ on the R-A gift card and earn 800 more pts., and that gives me a balance of 1200($12)in pts. on this card.

On Thursday I did this same transaction again using my Plenti card since I was at Rite-Aid anyway picking up an rx.

Just insert the photo above here since it's the same stuff. ;-)

I spent $4 of my $16 in pts., put .65¢ on the R-A gift card and earned 800 more pts.  My card now has 2000 pts.($20)on it.

I could do this transaction 1 more time on my card too, spending down the gift card by .65¢ more and earning another 800 pts., giving me a point balance of 2400($24).

But back to Wednesday........

Next it was up to Weis again for my regular Wednesday grocery shopping trip where everything I bought was on sale...........

All this came to $32.29.
The Kraft Deal--2 Kool-aid, 1 bbq sauce, 1 sour cream, 2 cheese singles and 1 Swiss cheese block was $2.50 for all after the deal.

The Pickles/Mustard Deal--5 jars of pickles and 1 bottle of mustard was $8 for all after that deal.

The bananas were .94¢ and I'll get an .18¢ rebate from Saving Star.

There are 2 bags of salad that were BOGO, a 2lb. bag of fresh mixed veggies 50% for $2.99, 2 bags of Collard Greens 50% for $2.98 total, a clamshell of spinach and arugula for 50% off($2), 3 day-old bakery items all 50% each($1.99, $1.99, $1.69), a marinated chicken breast $1.45 after instant $1 off sticker and a cooked whole lobster for $3.39 after instant $2 off sticker.

$77.42 worth of reg. retail groceries for $ another .18¢ back(Saving Star)makes it $32.11 OOP.
Savings rate of 58%.

Then since I was out and I can't seem to pass up a "deal", I went back to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Thursday........

All I did was the Kraft items deal(on the left)and the Pickles/Condiments deal(on the right).
I spent $8.18(.18¢ was tax)on all of this.
Savings rate of 77%.
Why yes, I'll take that! lolz

If you want to see the video and how this all broke down just go HERE for the film.

And that's all I got for now.
Is there another run to Weis today for more cheap shit?
Stay tuned to find out. ;-)



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