Friday, August 7, 2015

Stuff This Week

* I hit the grocery store on Wednesday to pick up some items.

Powerades are .57¢ this week, limit of 8 at that price.
Assorted lettuces....iceberg, green leaf and baby spinach all on sale or I had a Q.
Spur of the moment from the bakery marked down table-a tub of croissants(for College Boy), a loaf of Italian bread(to make garlic bread for Wednesday's dinner)and 4 cinnamon twists(just because).
Also found 3 meat marked down packages-3 stuffed clams for $1 ea., $6.03 for 1.61 lbs.($3.74 lb), and local organic chicken thighs $2.40 for 2.34 lbs.($1.02 lb).
There was a 6 large containers of Little Debbie treats purchase, most of which will be going back to school with College Boy.(They were on sale plus a $5 off $20 purchase rebate through Saving Star.)
A gallon of milk also found it's way into my cart.

Used 1 coupon(for the iceberg lettuce)and that $3 Catalina earned 2 weeks back on all those paper products.
Paid $47.93 out the door(and will get $5 of that back with the rebate).
A mere 41% savings rate(rises to 47.37% after the rebate).
Reg. retail of all was $81.57.

* I sold 17 pieces of fabric on Etsy earlier this week to one buyer.  rah!
I have 49 listings left in my store and they all expire on Saturday, August 8th.  Debating whether to relist stuff and/or put up what is left of my Fall/Winter fabrics.  I'm thinking "no" at this point.  Maybe just give the rest of it away or take it to Salvation Army?
I need to go take a photo next time I'm up in the "Stash" room of what is left of all the fabric I've been trying to get rid of.
I'm not going to talk about the tubs of stuff to sell on eBay still sitting in the living room and Lorraine, you are not allowed to mention that either!  ;-)

* I met someone local yesterday to sell some pet boarding certificates I got at that church auction last October.  Can't use them before they expire now because all our doggies are passed away and we won't be getting another one this year.  I'm selling them for half of what they are worth so that's $50 back in my pocket(and I don't even think I paid that much for them, so a slight profit).  8-)

* Hubs paycheck hit the account this morning so I've been moving money around and getting ready to pay some bills as soon as they come in.  Irregular bills for the House and Car insurance will be first on that list.  Might even go into the insurance guy's office today and pay them in person(save a stamp).

* Another massive summer squash was picked in the garden on Thursday.  One plant seems to be giving us all this squash.  There is another squash on this plant I'll be picking by the end of this weekend and another one on another plant almost ready....

Once I get all 3 picked I foresee another squash casserole in our future. ;-)
I've kept track of the weight of all the garden goodies harvested so far and it's up to 4.39 lbs.  And most of that's been yellow squash! lol

* My 1 year Sam's Club membership ends early in September and I have a decision to make regarding whether to continue it.  I had won a gift card to pay for the regular membership years ago with I finally used.  But I upgraded to the premier membership so it cost me something out of pocket and it came with a credit card and earning cash back on purchases when I pay with that c/c.
Looking back we really didn't use it much.  If the kids were all still at home it would have gotten used more but I really don't need to buy mega-sized containers of foodstuffs at this point in our lives.
If I cancel the premier membership before it expires I can get my money back.....that's the deal, if you are unhappy with it, your membership paid back.
I'll probably go in later this month and store up on the few things I buy there before I cancel-giant tubs of cashews, huge bottle of hydrogen peroxide(for laundry), large bottles of generic Claritin and maybe some salmon(good price but you have to buy A LOT!).

* Hubs and I need to plan out our October mini-vacation and our September trip to the Reunion.  We had wanted to have Hubs take the week off either before or after the Reunion and combine a visit to my brother with the family reunion since we were going to be down there in VA anyway(with a side trip to see Eldest son thrown in).
However Hubs has some meetings and off-site things he can't get out of at work both the week before and the week after our Reunion trip.

I have also been trying to get my brother and sis in-law to come to Ocean City when we go and stay with us at the hotel for years now!  Something always comes up but maybe this year it will work out.
Fingers crossed....
If it doesn't I'll just have to go down to their house sometime this Winter.

* A freebie arrived in the mail today!  This Spring/Summer the Choice Hotels are offering 16,000 pts. if you stay 2 x at one of their hotels to Choice Privileges members.  With all the traveling I've done this year we fulfilled that offer 4 x over.....unfortunately we can only get it once over. ;-)
So typically 16K pts. are enough to redeem for a $50 gift card.  Well a few of the gift cards require half that amount of points(8,000) to redeem a $50 gift card right now.  Since I can get Walmart cards(the other lower pts. gift card)through our c/c reward plan I selected 2x $50 Amazon gift cards and the first one showed up on Wednesday............

I need to reserve College Boy's books for school at the campus bookstore but if they are out of any of what he needs I can use this(and it's mate, arriving soon)to buy them on Amazon and have the books shipped directly to him at college.
If we don't end up needing to use these gift cards for that then they will get tucked away to use at Christmas.

Ok, that's about it for the week.  I am feeling like I am coming down with something(a cold, sinus?)and am about ready to hack up a lung, so I'm going to run the errands I MUST complete, have a bowl of soup and crash into bed for the rest of the day.  Hubs can figure out dinner when he gets home.....we've got leftovers and there is always take-out if he wants to go out to pick it up.  Just leave me to die alone in my bed please.....



  1. Hey, what goes on in Mountaintop, stays in Mountaintop. ;-)

  2. I hope you feel better after an early crash in your bed. I've been having sneezing fits and watery eyes so definitely some allergy things going on in the midwest-it's not normally so bad until mid to the end of August.

  3. Crap on a cracker - I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better quickly!


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