Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sort of Busy Weekend

This weekend has been pretty full but not so much in the "get shit done" area.

Friday I got my prescription at Weis and got that $20 free gift card in my grubby little hands........

And it promptly got spend along with another $14 or so.

Then I picked our first ripe tomatoes of the season..........

You will notice that they are not much larger than a quarter and NO, they are NOT cherry tomatoes. lolz
Big old Fail so far in the garden on the 'mater front.

Saturday I exercised and ate and putzed around on the computer basically. 

College Boy's band, Docile Sponge had a "gig" on Saturday afternoon.....

The Link to one of their numbers is HERE

This morning I was up early and checked the garden again. We got 2 full days of rain followed by heat last week so most things are perking up out there.

2 more yellow squash.  The only thing doing well in the garden are the squash plants.

And I picked some green bean......yes, I mean singular......

This is the totality of our green bean harvest to now.
(Not counting the handful of yellow beans we picked in July.)

Pretty sad, huh?
The bean vines are just blooming actually now, mid August.  I have never had beans come in this late.

Our 29.7 oz. garden harvest brings us up to 6.25 lbs. for the season.

But the BIG NEWS this weekend......(click on Big News for a video clip)......

My living room went from this---

To this earlier today---

Hubs picked up the cargo van this morning.....

And we hauled everything out into it..........

One last sweep of the house and College Boy's lair and then they were off back to school........

Here's hoping for a great year for you son!
Go to class, pass your courses, practice, practice, practice and most importantly call your mother.

Now excuse me while I go find a shovel and begin the long process of excavating his room out and wait for the electricity meter on the house to stop spinning like a Tasmanian devil.  8-)




  1. I've picked two whole beans here :)
    I've never grown beans before and I felt like they were taking FOREVER to come in, well it looks like my plants are on pace with yours.

    1. We must be in the same growing zone. I try to do green beans every year(if I can keep the chipmunks away from the seeds/seedlings long enough for the plants to get big)and this is the latest they've ever been.

  2. college boy doesn't look like he's ready to go back yet. but the living room - WOW!

    1. Oh he is More than ready to go back! lolz
      He has a lot of stuff but if he was a girl these piles would be me, I've seen worse.

  3. Okay, so now you can get started on that ebay pile (that shall not be mentioned). Christmas is coming!

    1. Sssshhhh.....why'd you have to mention THAT! lolz

  4. Our plant life is not yielding much either. I blame the heat and humidity. I am certain it is not a reflection of my neglect.

    Congratulations on reclaiming your living room! Son3 is coming into town for a long weekend and I am wondering how long it will take the nice clean upstairs to turn into a disaster state. I hope the short visit will not include too much disarray because we are having house guests the following weekend, and one couple will be using his room.If I were placing money on it, I would bet I have to do a gigantic clean the day after he leaves.

    1. Good luck keeping the upstairs from going to pot during Son3 visit! Shall I keep my shovel handy for you to borrow net weekend? ;-)

  5. Congrats to you for getting your house back and your son for escaping!!!!! Well that is how we see it here.

    1. DJ and Noah both would call it escaping me thinks. I'll be waiting for you to lose your prisoner in a week....

  6. I'll never judge said the girl who couldn't grow herb pots.

    1. I appreciate that no judgement zone thang....just extend it to my housekeeping too. 8-)

  7. How do you prepare your green bean? Lol....snap it in half and sautee in olive oil and garlic:) We have a bumper tomato crop - already harvested about 10 lbs and at least 30 more tomatoes on the vine...this from two plants. One zebra plum tomato and one beefsteak.

    1. Somebody is a smart @$$ aren't they? ;-)
      I'll throw my bean into the fridge and hope that a few more can be picked before this one rots so I can freeze them.

      I have mater envy too now....

  8. Are you laying in the middle of the living room floor noshing on green bean and tomatos?

    1. Well I'd have to actually CLEAN the floor first and put the rescue squad on speed dial to come pick me up after rolling around down there.

      I'll probably halve the tomatoes and add them to my pint of grape tomatoes(that are suppose to be that small)and slice up a cuke and call it a salad sometime this week for dinner.

  9. WOW! What a post!

    I usually overspend the gift cards, too. That is what they want you to do! HAHAHAHA

    I can't grow sh!t, so your tomatoes look good to me! Or beans.

    OMG!!!! How can one kid require THAT MUCH SH!T for school?!?!?!?!? Holy crap!!!! RB went back today (he's been in his apartment since May), and he just moved in a bed. I am totally amazed and astounded and have NO idea how he could possibly need that much stuff unless he is NEVER coming back!!!

    RB was very happy not living at "home" this summer. I hope College Boy does well in his new digs!!!

    Peace <3


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