Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Boring is Good Sometimes

I am so glad I don't need to be traveling this next month.  I really need a break and to sit my fat ass home sometimes.
I am going to be a boring homebody until the tail end of September and that suits me just fine.
Hubs will be taking College Boy back to school on Sunday and I'll just stay home.  Hubs does the driving and the heavy lifting so I don't add anything but dead weight to that trip. lol
I've done/am doing all the prep work to get the kid's stuff together and that is where I add value.

I more item to buy(and to nag him about trying on a pair of pants before he goes back)and I am finished with the pre-move stuff.

We have to rent a cargo van(or minivan with fold down seats)to get the kid back to college since we don't have a minivan anymore.  We did bring him home with all his stuff in May using our 2 cars but why spend all that gas x 2 and wear and tear on our vehicles when renting something makes more sense?
I am putting the College Back-to-School in my rearview mirror now.

I've already spent $173.57 on food this week.

Hubs and I made a trip to Maine Source for produce on Sunday...........

They had a weekend special on cod fillets($3.99)I wanted to take advantage of.  They also had a good price on zuke(.99¢ lb.), tomatoes(.99¢ lb.), grape tomatoes($1.49), cukes(3/$1.29)and local green beans(.99¢ lb.).  I also was down to 1 onion so I got a 10 lb. bag for $7.99....not a great price but better than paying $1.49 lb. at local grocery stores.  I also got a bag of red potatoes($3.49, again a meh price).
I found a box of canning jar lids which are going to be needed very shortly for $1.99.  Much better than the $2.99 or $3.29! price I've seen them being sold elsewhere for.

What I didn't count on was a couple of packages of salmon at $5.99 lb. and a pork shoulder for $1.69 lb. 
$59.81 OOP on $104.14 worth of groceries was spent.

So the meal plan has changed a bit for the week to include barbecue pork sandwiches and salmon.
You'll have to check back with me on Monday to see how the meal plan shook out.  ;-)

Then on Monday while at Sam's Club picking up stuff for College Boy, stocked up on a few things in anticipation of getting rid of my membership early next month.

I got 2 x huge cans of cashews, 2 x 400 ct. packages of generic Claritin(which gives me enough pills for 2.19 years) and 10 double pack bottles of hydrogen peroxide(which I use in my laundry washing and is much cheaper than buying "Oxi" anything).  Then they had a nice large piece of Salmon for $5.88 lb. and I bought that too. Add in the rotisserie chicken and burger buns(for the barbecue)and I dropped $104.86 at Sam's place. Value was $441.44(mostly so high due to the generic Claritin purchase....the drugstores rake you over the coals paying for that one, even their store brand one!).

Then my thwarted $20 gift card for an rx fill at Weis(they didn't have enough of my meds to fill it and me get the gift card)meant I spent another $8.90 on $12.38 worth of groceries there.....of which .67¢ I'll be getting back as a full price paid rebate in my Saving Star account.

I know I have bought ahead(YEARS AHEAD for the Loratadine!)so it's not so bad if you figure some things I won't need to buy for quite awhile now.
But it's still miserable to me that I am up to $283.22 in food spending and we aren't even halfway through August!
And if I try to stay on budget I only have $66.78 left to spend this month in that kitty.

I am seriously considering a "eat from the stockpile/freezer/pantry" and/or only purchase food with gift cards I have for Target/Walmart/Price Chopper/Weis Month for September.

My pantry in the kitchen is a disaster and needs a good organize/clean-out anyway(5 opened bags of Goldfish crackers anyone??!)but I'll wait until the offending party(ahem.....College Boy.....ahem)leaves the building for school to tackle that chore.

As for this sickness I picked up late last week......
I am still feeling it.  It seems to have migrated down into my chest a bit but I am still having nasal issues so it's just a full-on carnival of bodily fluids and gunk......"gunk" being a technical medical word.  8-P

I have resorted to my emergency Advair supply to fight this thing off and cause it a quick death and keep it from progressing into bronchitis or worse.  It sounds like this gunky head/chest thing is something that is making the rounds with a few blogger buddies lately and I wish them all well and full steam ahead to healing from it.
If I am not greatly improved by next week I'll seek out my doctor. In the mean time it's not keeping me from functioning some what so I'll soldier on and try to keep face-to-face contact here with others to a minimum just in case I am contagious still.

As for today........
I have a pork to finish cooking today, a trip up to Weis(PMITA)Markets to get that rx and gift card and look for sunblock for CB, cole slaw to make, green beans to snap and blanch and then freeze, that large salmon fillet to break down portions for the freezer, plus 2 genealogy posts and another installment of my May Road Trip Saga to work on as well. 
And while I am out a trip back to the bank for coin rolls to fill AND to give them back $20.  My withdrawal Monday was full of brand new $20 bills and 2 stuck together when she counted them out so I got an extra $20.  Too bad I am honest like that, huh? lolz

Plus there is a nasty house that needs attention so I am off to get things done.



  1. You are busy, Sluggy! Sorry you are sick and hope you get to feeling better too. The savings on Loratadine at Sam's Club is terrific! I buy the same kind. The savings more than pays for the yearly membership fee. :)

  2. I hope you don't have spo's pneumonia. enjoy your peace and quiet this weekend!

  3. Glad you are almost through with the back to school organization. I would love one week with no/few obligations just to get stuff done. We are knocking down our food supplies, purchasing mainly produce. Since we have a couple of short trips this month and a weekend of house guests, I am waiting until September to have a no buy month. (unless a store has sensational buys for restocking)

  4. When I cleaned the bottom cupboard pantry yesterday I found 4 boxes of f-ing open Triscuits! Totally steamed me! I get your goldfish angst!

  5. Please come do my house too, but leave your gunk at home. Thank you,

  6. I can relate to the opened boxes-cereal in our house. Drives me crazy, and then it gets stale bleh and bleh. Busy week-get him on the road and with just the two of you, I bet you can bring the rest of August to a close within budget.

  7. Is everybody sick? I think I'm going to start chomping on garlic like I'm eating apples. That'll keep people and their germs away from me!


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