Saturday, September 6, 2014

Updated "To-Do" List for this Past Week

Here's what actually got done on the To-Do List for this Week--

*  Finish cleaning #2 Son's room  done
*  Write 4 Letters  wrote 2
*  Call motel to make reservations for September   done
*  Call Boarding Kennel for October  done
*  Clean out my bedroom closet  no
*  Go through my Christmas gift box(yes I just said CHRISTMAS!)  no
*  Finish straps on the nightgown I sewed  done
Relist fabrics on listings that expired earlier this year on Etsy  done & I made 2 sales. 8-)
*  Put up another shelving unit to hold fabrics in spare bedroom.  done
*  Finish going through stuff in garage to put on eBay or send to Salvation Army  no
*  Pick out some fabrics to sew into clothes when I go through the tubs.  done
*  Order photo prints from relatives Shutterfly account  no
*  Clean out kitchen island and organize  no
*  Do Net Worth Statement for Sept. 1st  done
*  Calculate Food Spending for August  done
*  Calculate $24K Savings Challenge Results for August  done

Not as productive as I wanted to be this week.
Some of it I blame on the return of the humid weather and the a/c went on the fritz.  Not even a year old and it broke!  Serviceman isn't coming out until TUESDAY.  By then the weather is suppose to be cooler.  With the amount spent on this system it's been nothing but one problem after another and I am NOT happy with SEARS!

Anyway, too muggy to be upstairs during the day doing physically active tasks with no a/c this past week....especially working in closets up there.
That's my story and I'm sticking too it.

Did you get anything of note accomplished this past week?
Tell us about it.



  1. I washed a ton of dishes that stacked up when I had latest round of ear and sinus problems. That cleared half the sink. Half of the counter was cleaned of other stuff. To show you how much I did, exbf said, "WOW! " when he saw it. He rarely comments effusively. Plus I filled four huge garbage bags with paper and other stuff that needed to go. My neighbor dragged a heavy, orange wooden ladder to the road for trash pickup. I lopped lots of limbs despite the pain.

  2. I did get a few items listed on Ebay. And I cleaned out one of our spare rooms and threw away a bunch of papers we no longer needed. Still have a bit that I would like to get done though.

  3. You also said "spare room" hee hee hee! Have fun with it:)

  4. Sounds like a solid week! I rolled over my 401K, so that feels like a big accomplishment. Why is there so much paperwork involved?!

  5. things accomplished this past week... why, yes. I made a list entitled "things that would make me feel less hoardery." And then I went about knocking a lot of those things off the list. My shower looks amazingly clean now and the side tables in the living room are bare naked, other cluttery things taken care of as well. Ah, a breath of fresh air!

    I think lack of AC is a perfectly great excuse for what you were unable to check off the list!



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